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11 Productive Things to Do When You are Stuck in Traffic


A lot of us spend a large chuck of our time in traffic.

So how do you spend all that time productively? Instead of working yourself up and getting mad at the traffic, try doing these 11 things

1. Get a Driver or Switch to Public Transport:

Paying a driver may seem like a waste initially but it is an awesome investment that would yield a lot in productivity. You would have a lot of time to do other things. Already take public transport? Then read on!

2. Plan Your Day:

Write your to-do list. Prioritize tasks and set realistic expectations of what you want done during the day. If you would be driving, then use the Evernote app where you can make audio recordings.

2. Clear Your Inbox

Clear your Inbox before you are in the Office so that you can get a fresh start on your day
Delete anything that does not require action or archiving
Respond to or mark up any critical mails

3. Start on Work

Try getting any quick and easy task done on your commute

4. Listen to a Podcast:

Listen to any motivational or educational content you can find.

5. Get Your Social Media Fix:

Instead of getting distracted when you get to work by social media, check all the social media platforms you usually check, be it Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook during commute

6. Exercise:

Drop a few stops to your office and walk the rest

7. Read Something

8. Start a New Hobby

9. Sing Out Loud
10. Practice Mindfulness





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