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Want Improve Your Work-Place Relationships? Ask these Four Simple Questions.


We all have that one (or two, or five) colleague we wished we had a better rapport with. What do we do?
Saying the right things puts you in the right light and create the right atmosphere for optimal performance and relationships at work.
Try asking these questions and watch as you become more likable.

1. How Can I Help?

The truth is we sometimes get too involved getting our duties done that we forget to reach out colleagues. Inadvertently, we begin to seem too self-involved to our colleagues
What is the way out? Once in a while ask a busy co-worker what you can do to help.
Be strategic, don’t make a promise what you cannot keep.
Nevertheless, this little sacrifice positions you as a team player who is willing to support others.

2. Tell me More

People underestimate the power of listening till they are the ones who want to be listened to.
When someone listens to you, you feel that person is extra considerate, and someone you could reach out to in the future. This is a favourable position you want to put yourself. Listen more, listen actively

3. “What are your thoughts on this?”

By asking this question, you make it clear that you value the person’s opinion. The person also sees you as being more approachable. Ask people’s opinion and listen. Try asking question when you are considering something- Variations of the questions such as; “Do you have any suggestions?” or “I’d love to hear what you think!”

4. “Would you like to grab Something?”

Yes, spending a little time together outside the office to build your bond is a pretty obvious tactic.However, we get snacks with colleagues we have a killer working relationship with. And, by continually excluding the person you don’t know very well, you’re not doing that relationship — or your general likability rating — any favors.
Next time you are going to get a drink or snack, invite someone you don’t know too well. It will help you get to know the person better.

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