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7 Things You Need to Do To Make this Year the Most Successful You Have Ever Had

 Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

1. Set Goals and Follow Them:

It is easy to set New Year Resolution. It is another thing to follow them.
To become successful this New Year, make it a habit to set a goal for yourself and make sure you follow them through. Refuse to let anything distract you.

2. Make the Best of Every Season you Find Yourself in:

No matter how we plan our year, the truth is the new year will have different seasons- decide that no matter what happens, you will stick with your plan to succeed.
Keep going. Be willing to evolve but stick to your plan to succeed.

3. Take Responsibility for Your Success:

For you to succeed in this New Year, you have to understand that success depends entirely on you. It does not depend on your parents, uncles who promise to help you or even the government. It solely depends on you, your choices and actions. Whether you fail or succeed depends entirely on you. Take responsibility. Choose Success.

4. Form Valuable Relationships:

Your Value increase exponentially when you have the right type of relationships. Being a success requires that you collaborate with people. Don’t try to do it alone. Look for alliances that will help you achieve you goals.

5. Make Unusual Sacrifices:

Successful people at some point had to make sacrifices before they achieved success.
In order to generate $1,350 in capital they used to start Apple, Steve Jobs sold his Volkswagen microbus and Steve Wozniak sold his Hewlett-Packard calculator. At the time, it was an enormous sacrifice for both of them, but in retrospect, it is little compared with how much Apple is currently worth- over $80 Billion. Make your own sacrifices this year so that people can tell your story in the years to come.

6. Never Give Up:

One thing is inevitable in your journey to success this year- there will be times when you want to give up. But one decision you need to make is never to give up- no matter what. Every successful person kept going till they succeeded. Remember, even our current president- President Buhari lost the election before he finally won. Don’t give up. Keep going till you succeed. The guy who invented the light bulb tried up to 1000 times before hegot it. Without his resilience, we would all probably be in darkness now.

7. Be Willing to Take Risks:

In life what we regret most is the chances we did not take. Leave your comfort zone and take risks this year.
Have a successful year!

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