How to Get Visa to Canada in Nigeria

How to Get Visa to Canada in Nigeria

How to Get Visa to Canada in Nigeria
Depending on what your plan to do in Canada,there are different types of visas available for you. For example, if you are going to study, you can get the student’s permit.On the other hand, if you are going for pleasure, you can get the tourist’s visa.
To increase your chances of returning to Nigeria, there are three main things you need to consider;

Official Tips on Applying for a Canada Visa in Nigeria

These are the Most important tips
You must have an international passport.
2. You must be healthy (except you are specifically going for medical reasons)
3. You must have proof that you have ties in Nigeria(They don’t want you to disappear after gaining entrance into the country).Examples of ties include
a job, home and family.
4. You have enough money to fund for your stay.

First you have to
Obtain the application form from the canadian embassy.
Read the accompanying guide and apply only when you are sure you are eligible as the application fee is non refundable.

After you have filled the form, attached the needed documents, you may need to go for an interview with the visa officer

To learn indepth information on whatever aspect of applying for a visa you are interested in, visit the canadian site her you will find out about the Canada visa application fee, c visa application centre lagos and the requirement for nigerian citizen. You will also be able to d0wnload canada visa application form.;

Canadian embassy in Nigeria student visa Application Procedure

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