How to Obtain a Yellow Card in Nigeria

How to Obtain a Yellow Card in Nigeria
How to Obtain a Yellow Card in Nigeria

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What is a Yellow Card,Why it is Necessary & How  to Obtain One in Nigeria.

The Yellow card is a certificate that shows that the holder has taken the yellow fever vaccine. When traveling into most countries (even Ghana) you are required to provide your yellow card. Every country has its stipulated vaccines that they require everyone entering the country to have taken. For some countries like the United States of America, Cholera is one of them.

However, the WHO mandates that every international traveler takes yellow fever vaccines hence the mandatory yellow card.
The yellow is given after you have been vaccinated for yellow fever. It is a sort of proof of inoculation.

My Personal Experience Getting A Yellow Card Recently

I got mine at the Port Health Centre. The Port Health Centre is situated at Ikeja. It is adjacent the MMA Access Plaza along International Airport Road, Ikeja.

It took only a couple of hours and i was done. I was given the vaccine and my yellow card.

When going to Port Health Centre, ensure you go along with

  • A photocopy of your bio-data page
  • Proof of payment of 2,000 on the Remita website for the purpose.

There are different approved yellow fever vaccination centers in Nigeria

  • If you are in other parts of Nigeria aside from Lagos, locate any CDC, WHO, UNICEF or UNESCO clinics near. There are other clinics approved WHO for this purpose too.
  • If you in Lagos, simply locate the ministry of Health, Port Health office beside Toll Gate. The Port Health service is just before the airport. To Get Inoculated, You need your international passport. Once you present it, you will be given the yellow fever injection and a yellow card as proof you have received it.

You would be required to pay a token of N1000. This entire process takes less than 30 mins except there is a long queue
of people waiting to do the same thing. Please note that the department of public health does not open on weekends

Ensure you go to the department of health don’t fall victim to the touts that will hassle you once you approach the building.
Also, do note that you are supposed to get it at least 10 days before your departure.

Photo Credit:This Afropolitan Life

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