Unique Nigerian Men’s Agbada Designs to Watch Out for

Nigerian men can never get enough of the agbada. It is a staple in our wardrobe. The cut of the agbada though standard is an amazing canvass for creativity. The embroidery, color combination is an opportunity to show personality and style. It is therefore no wonder that most Nigerian men flaunt unique agbada designs that are masterpieces.

Today let’s look at some unique styles that will interest you. These colours are more mature and wearable.The designs are also realistic. The caps have a hint of the style of the northern folks of Nigeria but if you are not into that , you can easily do away with it.Concentrate on the fabric and also simple embroidery.
Take a look at these cool designs from Marobuk’s fashion label’s “The Regal man” and gain some serious style inspiration!


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