Top Stylish Bags for Men You Should See

Men’s bags are no longer the boring non-stylish stuffs they used to be. Now your bag can be manly , modish and classy.

Today we are getting style inspiration from rapper Rikhado Mikhado BUT don’t be put off if his style is too funky for you. You can take a leaf from the confident way he rocks his bags and incorporate it into your style

Men’s Designer Bags

Designer bags for men are the top echelon of bags. Most designers from Hermes to Louis Vuitton to even Gucci make different stylish bags you can choose from.

Our muse today in madly in love with Gucci designer bags. You don’t have to stick to expensive designers-Pick, choose and experiment

Men’s Bags for Work

Bags for work or official purposes are usually structured and have a strong shape.  So do not take a slouchy bag to work. It weakens your look and personae. Take a look at some of the bags by Rikhado Makhado that can be office appropriate.

Men’s Messenger Bag

Men’s messenger bags comes in different sizes, shapes, colors and designers. When looking for one, consider your personal needs- what will you be using it for? Will you be carrying heavy items like laptops in it? In this case you need a bigger messenger bag with strong straps. Is it more for fashion than utility. All these questions and more will influence the way you choose your messenger bag.

Men’s Designer Backpacks

Designer Backpacks are a must have in every male’s wardrobe. However, the size, style and color depends on different factors. There are a lot of designer backpacks out there you can choose from. Some of our favourites include Armani Jeans backpack, Hypebeast bacpacks, Gucci backpacks and many others.

Men’s Leather Bags

Leather bags are great if you want something long –lasting. Go for a good quality leather bag if you don’t want to continually spend money on your bags.
The manly man we feature in this set o f pictures is a lover of Gucci bags and it is evident in the different brands he owns!

Gucci Monogram Men's bag
Gucci messenger bag for men
Gucci Backpack for men
Men's gucci monogram backpack
Men's Gucci Purse

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