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Stop Letting Your Work Kill Your Personal Life| Do These 6 Things to Get Your Life Back


A lot of us are so caught up in our jobs that we don’t have time for our own personal lives.

The work-traffic-home-traffic routine has rendered a lot of our personal lives dead and it should not be so.

I’l share with you some tricks that will help you get your life back

1.Own your work style:

A lot of us forget that your value at work is based on the value of your contributions not how many hours you spend at work. Do your quota quickly and leave as soon as you can.Own you workstyle

  1. Don’t Assume Expectations:

    Take time out to understand what your manager expects of you. Also see how you can tailor your workstyle so you have more time for yourself

  2. Communicate Your Limits:

    If you are taking so much that you cannot be effective, tell your boss that you are spread too thin. Propose solutions; a list of projects better suited for a teammate or ways to improve processes to cut down on time spent on the task

  3. Schedule an After-Work Activity:

    What can you tell them you need to do at say 5:30 pm everyday so you are not pressured to stay longer? Anything that is a “hard-stop” and cannot be pushed forward

  4. Shift Your Hours:

    Truth , you still need to play a little politics to get ahead at a workplace.

So if you care about what people think about you at the office, one trick you can do is to shift your hours. Stay late instead of coming too early. People tend notice people who stay late more than those who come early.

  1. Step Up  When it Counts:

    Everyone has late night every once in a while. Be willing to stay back when it counts. This helps you get away without hurting your reputation.


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