Stylish Boubou Outfits That You’ll Fall in Love With It

Boubou are generally worn by women. However, it is also worn by men.

In some parts of Africa it is called different names. In Nigeria, it is also called the Agbada.A lot of people do not know that the male version of the boubou is the agbada.

Just like the classical agbada, the boubou is four part- the inner, the pants, outer agbada (boubou/ agbada) and the cap. The average Nigerian man may decide not wear his agbada with a cap.

The  difference between the agbada and the boubou is that the different wearers from different parts of the continent have their own twists to it.

To the Nigerian  eyes, they may not look as trendy as the quintessential  agbada while the man from Gabon may think the Nigerian agabda is not flashy enough.

Take a look at some men from other parts of the country rocking the agabda.

Not satisfied, check out these posts where you see Nigerian men stylish/swaggiliciously rocking the agbada

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