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Is Paying Your Girlfriend’s Way Through the University Stupidity Or Love?

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Over the past few years i have being aware that these thing happens through stories or jokes etc.But recently i experienced it first hand. 

So a friend came crying like he was going to die.I thought something had happened to his business till he opened up.

His girlfriend who i have known for years just broke up with him after dating for 6 years!

If it were just dating it would have been no problem.However,during that period, he had been practically using all of his income to send this girl to school. He barely took care of himself because he was sending this girl to school. Now , after graduation, the girl picks up her bags and suddenly realizes that they are not “compatible”.

All i could do was look at this guy in pity- was that stupidity or love? Looks a lot like stupidity to me.


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