Four Effective Tips for Picking Up Any Girl You Want


So today, i’m on my vast wealth of experience to school you on how to pick up a lady. The truth is, getting a girl to like to like you depends on certain things- most of them are not what you thought they were.

  1. Wait for AI:

    AI means “Approach Invitation”- a favourable body signal. It could be eye contact or a subtle smile. If you want to build tension, ignore the signal for a while before going over.It also does not have to be too glaring-she could send the signal just once

    2 Groups or Alone:
    Don’t be shy to approach a lady whether she is alone or in a group. Still daunted?Take a pal alongPractice the Approach:

    3. Always fidgety  around ladies? Practise makes perfect.

    When you go out, practise striking conversations with ladies. Some may turn you down but your skills are being honed

    .4. Learn a to Read a Lady’s IOI:

    IOI-Indicators of interest.Like when she plays with her hair or laughs.

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