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Getting an Engagement Ring for Her? Avoid these 5 Mistakes

We know the women place a lot of emphasis on the proposal, hence we try to do our best to make it work out perfectly.
In the process we make some mistakes. These are the mistakes to avoid.

  1. Rushing to Make a Purchase:

    A lot of us spend hours reading reviews when we want to buy a new gadget but rush off to pay for a ring when we are ready. More attention is paid to having enough money than choosing the ring. Don’t do this.
    Shop around, read reviews, compare prices before making any monetary commitment

  2. Not Talking to a Specialist:

    This is especially if you plan to spend a lot. Only a specialist would know the right type and original diamonds to buy.

  3. Not Involving Her Best Friend:

    Her best friend probably understands her taste in style better than you do. You should consider involving her, except you have reservations

  4. Falling for Fake Reviews:

    Remember the first point we made was that you should spend time researching? You also have to be smart with your researching. Make sure the reviews you are reading are real. Original reviews are usually long and emotional.Don’t fall for pranks.

  5. Researching and Shopping Only Online:

    There are a few brick and mortar jewelry shops you can check for jewelry- walk into them. Even a place like Ikeja City Mall has at least 2 shops that specialize in exclusive jewelries. Sometimes, you have to see what you plan to purchase.Featured Image: Chrissy and Jones proposal

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