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It’s a New Year, Bro, Stop These 5 Dating Habits.

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Keri Hilson and Rusell W

Before we go even further into the New Year, I decided to share with this really important list of habits you should stop in this new year. It is important you take a look at it and ensure that none of these habits follow you into the new year.

1. Sending Someone to “Help ” you Talk to a Girl You Like:

We used to do this when we were in secondary school but it is shocking how some guys continue to do this into their adulthood. Let this be one of your New year’s Resolutions. Its lame and sends the wrong signals to the girl. No matter how posh she is, ask yourself this question- “she no dey shit”? Bros na human being she be. Walk up to her boldly and talk to her

2. Pretending to Be What You Are Not:

Drop this in this New year my brother. Why would you be borrowing your friend’s Mercedes to impress a babe what happened to your 1991 Toyota (lol). Some will even lie that they are top managers in their office whereas, they are the trainee’s trainee. Some will even deny their religion! My guy immediately turned Muslim one day he met a chick he liked last year just because she said she can’t be with a Christian. I am sure Angel Gabriel used acid to clean his name from the book of life that day. A girl who loves you will stay no matter what. Stop pretending. If she can’t stay, let her carry her load and go. No time for fake girls in this new year. Fine, down to earth girls are out there.Just be patient

3. Letting Your Guys Tell You Who To Date:

I know I spend a lot of time advising my friends on who to date and who not to date but the truth is, you should have a mind of your own. There is something respectable about a man who chooses a chick and stands his ground no matter what we, highly opinionated friends, say.

4. Using the “Hard to Get Tactic”:

Yes, some guys still think this tactic makes sense. A chick gives you her number, you wait a few days to call so that it doesn’t seem as if you are thirsty. Sorry for you sir. Even if a situation where you saw that same girl warming your best friend’s bed hasn’t happened to you, try to stop this in this new year. It is so stone age.
When you see a girl you like, don’t be scared to chase her and show her love.

5. Hiding to Go Through You Babe’s Phone:

Yes, some guys do it. You probably even do it.
I remember when one of my guys chatted me up to inform me that his babe was cheating. I was like “how you take know?” The guy was like “As I dey talk with you so I lock myself for toilet dey look her phone. The girl na binsh”
Choi. You lock yourself for toilet dey look her phone? Na wa o.
If you cannot look at her phone in her presence because she is constantly hiding it from you, you may need to re-evaluate some things in this new year.

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