4 Things to Do When You Have a Nagging Wife


Nagging is one of the most annoying things you can experience in your marriage. A woman who goes on and on and on can demoralize you, break you down and even make you do things you never planned to do.
The question here is, when you find that you are married to a woman who nags, what do you do?

These steps will help you handle the issue with relative ease.

  1. Understand the Reason for Her Nagging:

    Is it something she simply cannot stand- like forgetting her birthday and other special dates, forgetting to put the toilet seat down. These things are minor but the problem is not really those things but the message they send to her- how she perceives them. She may feel you have chosen to be irresponsible or insensitive. Seat her down under a calm atmosphere and let her understand that you have your imperfections and those actions of yours are not a deliberate attempt to be insensitive and irresponsible

    Like an adage says, when the sea rises up- you don’t rise up to meet it. She may be annoying and highly irritating, just calm her down and try to make her see that you’re her sorry. When all is calm, you can let her know you didn’t appreciate her outburst. She would listen and respect you more then.

  2. Stay Firm

    Don’t let her nag you into decisions that you don’t want to take or change your mind about plans you have already made. You are only teaching her that nagging is the solution to problems. Even if during the course of her nagging you begin to see reason, wait till later before you make any concrete decision. Consider things properly.

  3. Distract her

    Little, sweet acts may just put an end to her nagging. Making her laugh, telling her how cute she looks when she nag, acting as if you distracted by her beauty while she is talking may just do the trick. Women love compliments and be easily distracted by it –even when nagging. Try it.

  4. Don’t Fan Flames:

    Physical abuse, hurtful rejoinders or even cold silence may only take issues from frying pan to fire.

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