Relationship Advice for Men

Relationship Advice for Men

It is important as men to be guided accordingly when it comes to relationships as women could be fragile and many shades of emotional. In this article I would give tips to making sure to secure your relationship as a man and also to make your partner comfortable and happy.



This matters a whole lot as a man in a relationship. Women love to be spoken to and be answered when you are spoken to. Communication is major for every relationship and should be regarded with high priority. Dedicate yourself to discuss both pressing and pleasurable issues with your partner. Find out what interest her and make a conversation of it. Some women tend to distract you during a live game or when you have friends around, do not take offense as they just want to be spoken to. Talk to her as a man that you are and be natural about it, let it flow.



Having an ear as large as that of an elephant before listening to what your partner has to say should not be a criteria. With the little human ear you have been given, make use of it to listening to what she has to say. You should be aware that most times, certain women do not want you judging what they have to say but rather just for you to show interest in what they have to say. Women could nag all the time but it is left for you as a man not to interrupt her when she is making a complaint or telling a story or just narrating how her day went. Women usually get attracted to men who listen so do not let your woman find such solace outside of the relationship.



There are cases of men who indulge in satisfying their lust with pornographic clips or cannot do without a video game or fantasy soccer. Leave all those except the porn of course for the kids to worry about and be all grown up. Women love maturity in their men so stop being a child and be a grown man. You have to act like one, not just speak as one.



Taking to your buddy or your colleague from work should be different from the way you get to actress your partner. As a man, when speaking to her you do so with affection and calm. It is good to be straight forward all the time but then the rules could bend a bit for your woman. Do not be too direct or blunt with her, do not correct her like you would a kid as she is a lady and women could be fragile and certain tone in the voice while talking to them could hurt their feelings. As a  man, you do not want to go down this road of having to hurt her feelings so be careful of your choice of words when speaking to your partner and the tone you get to use.



Do not take it that it is only you as a man that deserves all of the respect. Your partner is human like you as well and also deserves respect. Never think of talk less of dare to strike your partner just because you are a man and you feel you are stronger than she is nor humiliate her in front of family and friends just because you want to prove to these people that you are the boss in your relationship. As a man, respecting your wife is a whole lot to consider including making sure to avoid any form of domestic violence as possible.



Over formalities in a relationship only makes it a boring one. As a man, being Mr. Romantic would not hurt a bit nor kill you. Women love romance and they can only get this from their partner- you are the partner. Read romance novels or watch romance movies to have ideas of how you can be romantic to your partner if you do not know how to. Touch her heart with love not just by romantic words but also gifts you know she would appreciate you for. The cinema would not be a bad idea though or having to eat out once in a while just to show how much you appreciate her in your life.



Making your partner a clown requires you simply laughing at her jokes all the time not withstanding your mood as she could be cracking such jokes to cheer you up. True, jokes could run out of humor mostly when over used but then again do not let her feel she is wasting her time trying to make you laugh.



While as a man you tend to need sex to feel close, it is different from how your woman feels as usually she needs the closeness to actually feel sensual. This is one of the major basics and foundation to love but as a man, it is important to be reality conscious of this factor and have a way around it and everybody stays happy.



This is one thing women do not joke with, time. Try as much as possible even with your busy schedule, never to keep your partner waiting. You should also make sure to create time for hangouts and weekend get-away just for you both. This gives your partner the satisfaction of knowing she means a lot to you and though a busy schedule, you still got time for her. In a case where you are late, do not hesitate to apologize and be genuine about it. Possibly get her a flower or a gift to cheer her up. To avoid any form of deadened feelings on the part of your woman, keep to time.

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