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9 Steps To Regaining Your Confidence after Failing

overcoming failure

One thing you have to understand is that failure, at some point in life, is inevitable.
The problem, however arises when you stay down when failure knocks you down. So how do you overcome and rise up stronger?
Here’s how

  1. Pick over the ashes:

    Facing your failure forthrightly and learning about it would build your confidence immediately

  2. Put it in Context:

    You will likely need to practice thinking repeatedly until you begin to belive it and e confident again.

  3. Be thankful for the experience:

  4. Build your skills:

    With practice and time, you will get more confident in yourself

  5. Go external

  6. Earn it back

  7. Face your fears

  8. Move forward

  9. Be Nice

See the infographic below for more indepth explanation

confidence after failure

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