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Youtube Millionaire, Olatunji Olajide Debuts Song, Momentarily Knocks David Bowie and Adele Off iTunes Charts

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Remember KSI? We talked about him and how he is a young Nigerian Youtube star making millions.Only last year, he was featured on   Forbes’ highest earning YouTube stars with a yearly income of £3 million last year,

Well it turns out that beyond vlogging and gaming, KSI’s music skills is set to make him break more records than he does with his Youtube gaming channel

On the 8th of January, Olajide ‘JJ’ Olatunji aka KSI debuted his track, Keep Up. It immediately stormed up   and knocked  off David Bowie and Adele on the itunes charts worldwide.

So while owning Yotube, KSI is simultaneously becoming a recording artist, releasing singles Lamborghini featuring P Money, which reached No.30 in the UK charts without radio support, and Keep Up featuring JME.

Congratulations to this young dynamo!

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