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Meet the 22 Nigerian Guy whose Youtube Vlog Makes 900 Million Naira Per Year


Olajide “JJ”Olatunji aka KSI is 22 years old. On his vlog  he does video game commentary and comedy. He is also a rapper. His content appeals to teenager and young men. If you love video games- especially FIFA, then you should know Olatunji

He started out in 2006 when he uploaded his first vlog. As at October 2015 his Youtube channel had reached 10.8 million subscriber . His uploads average over 4 million views  while some of his popular vlogs such as  bombastic, bawdy, borderline   garner up to 4 billion views.


When he started out it was not so easy. In an interview with Telegraph, he notes

“I remember my first video – it had zero views, it was so depressing. People were getting thousands of views and I was sitting with my zero.

I pushed it out to my family and friends, and on to forums, and eventually it started to get a bit more traction.

“After a year, I got to 7,000 subscribers, so that was pretty crazy. After another year, it went up to around 20,000.”

Persistence indeed pays!

He was recently featured in Forbes list of top earning YouTube stars list aka the “YouTube Millionaires list” . According to Forbes, he made about $4.5 million (about 900 million Naira) within the last 12 months.


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