Do These Things in bed & Your Nigerian Man Would Never Leave You

Do These Things in bed & Your Nigerian Man Would Never Leave You

Most men just love it simple all they desire is having their woman show up when they feel like it but then again, one thing you should also know about men is the fact that they actually would not mind a little sauce to the regular in bed and would be grateful always to you for giving them a bit of seasoning to drool over all day long.


Some of these things that trip Nigerian men that would make them not want to leave you are;

  1. DOING IT WITH THE LIGHTS ON: Most women actually get worried as to showing their body to their man in bed but men actually appreciate women who are confident and would not mind doing it with all of the lights on rather than in the dark. Most men though hardly ever say it enjoys seeing their woman move while doing it and when you bring in this option, voila, he just would never want to think of anyone better than yourself it is 2 in every 10 women that enjoy doing it with the lights on.
  2.  TOUCH YOURSELF WHILE HE WATCHES: This drives every man crazy in bed as it helps them envision how it would feel if there were two of you doing it. No better moment than actually learning how to touch your woman from her while she plays with herself and teases you on. Most women hardly do this neither do men have the time to ask so when it comes on a platter of gold, it is highly regarded. Every man loves his wife to be a whore in the bedroom. Sometimes, we can’t just get enough. ( TOP 10 THINGS NIGERIAN MEN HATE IN BED)
  3. OFFERING HIM A MOUTH JOB: Using your mouth to tease him could be quite pleasurable for any man no matter how he forms hard or angry on his way back from work. Nibbling a man’s ear always get him in the mood no matter how his day went and then taking it all the way down to his neck while taking off his clothes and grabbing his organ, carefully stroking it and choking yourself with it – now that is a scene every man wishes to come back home to. Why not start tonight?
  4. BE A VOCALIST IN BED: Do not just lay there like a dead horse, speak up and most especially moan with pleasure please no faking it because smart men would know and it is usually a turn-off. When you both get to the chase in bed, a Nigerian man appreciates a moaner for a partner, one who fills the room would loud cries of pleasure. You know how it gets during a war, it is all about battle cries and so also appreciated in bed. It allows a man to know and understands he is hitting you well and depending on the tempo of the moan in correspondence with his strokes, he knows where to really focus his stroking back and forth at.
  5. HE WORKED HARD, SO PLAY HARD: He definitely had a long day and just wants to take a shower, eat and sleep. A woman should not let him get off so easy if she truly wants him to see her as a supportive and understanding partner. Set him water for his shower and when he enters, sneak behind him and play hard. Every Nigerian man would love this scene but how many women have this idea in their head? It should not always be a bedroom thing, sometimes the flames could be ignited from elsewhere and then taken to the bed.  Any man who does not hold you strong to himself after such is definitely not a true Nigerian man.
  6. KNOWING WHEN TO SLOW THE PACE: Well, not every time a man actually enjoys been rushed. Sometimes, it is good to take it slow. Take for instance, during a blowjob, suckling really fast gets so sweet but abruptly reducing your pace gives you that moaning sound from your man and that is because it is now tasty. Even when riding, slowly sometimes could make a man vibrate through his entire body as you allow his manhood to feel every wall around her covet.
  7. SHOW OFF YOUR SELLING POINT: We have cases of most men actually being sad on their wedding day because they feel on the long run they are going to get bored having intercourse with the same woman but here is a tip. Dear women, show off your selling points and make us Nigerian men know that there can never be boredom instead more of want and desire for you. A real woman knows how to show off to get her man to stay home and never leave her, Nigerian men respect such qualities and would never let you go if that be the case.
  8. DO NOT UNDERMINE THE STRONGHOLD OF FOREPLAY WITH A NIGERIAN MAN: Many women may feel most men just want to get it over and done with but real Nigerian men would always appreciate foreplay. Sometimes, this could take hours and sometimes get a man to cum multiple times before the real action is done. Foreplays are widely appreciated by Nigerian men because it actually helps them stay longer during the real deal. Any man would want to be with a woman who can make him feel sexually satisfied and not leaving everything to just intercourse but looking for other ways in achieving this and foreplay is the way to go.
  9. DRESS UP WHILE YOU WAIT FOR HIM TO COME THROUGH THE DOOR: I can tell you that many women do not do this because they do not see the need but then again, a woman who dresses sexy for her man actually keeps him home and his eyes off that secretary at his workplace or the colleague that loves to sit across him during board meetings with pointed tits. No man would leave a woman even after 3 kids when she knows how to stay sexy just for her man.

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