Latest African Embroidery Designs That Are Very Stylish

Embroideries are usually sewn designs on a garment and in this context, the Agbada garment it is. Embroideries have a way of beautifying outfits, not just that but also giving them a sense of stylish fitting. Take a look at the Agbada clothing in general, you are sure to see a design in the front. Without this design, the Agbada is just but a plain flowing garment.

Agbada embroideries could actually be seen from the context of it passing a fashion statement. Take for instance, you get the same car with a friend but you get to pimp your wheels as well as re- spray, even though you got yours cheaper, your very own car would be the center of attraction and that is the same with having to embroider your Agbada garment with a design.

There is no Agbada without am embroidery design and if you so happen to come across one, then that would be more of a “booboo” or flowing garment with no connection to been called an Agbada. Basically, the embroider design is what gets to make an Agbada what it is in the real sense of it.

Types of Embroidery Designs in Nigeria

In Nigeria today, embroideries differ from an individual taste to another. This been, not everyone loves the front of their Agbada crowded with threads while others do. The Agbada embroidery design can be sub categorized into two categories namely;

  1. Simple Agbada Embroidery
  2. Complex Agbada Embroidery

    The simple Agbada embroidery designs usually come with a fewer presence of threads sewn around the neck and front of the Agbada garment. For those who do not care about what they wear or have not the time for being stylish, this usually happens to be their choice by default as they tend to tell their tailor to do whatever- trust me, not many tailors would want to stress themselves with something complicated (“No be Agbada him want, make we make the Agbada for am na” kind of attitude).


Coming to the complex Agbada Embroidery, this is where the main designers get to show off their masterpiece on the garments. Before I go on, did you happen to see “Ebuka’s” Agbada on Instagram which he wore to the wedding of Banky W? Now, that is a complex Agbada Embroidery as well as a show case of masterpiece and gifted hands. There is always a statement to pass with the complex Agbada Embroidery designs and I tell you, there are those who could maybe on request, sketch out your face.

Take a look at some of the very best of Agbada Embroidery designs featured by others in the past but then again, no harm in featuring on something a little twisted from your choice or coming up with a doper design of yours.

Let us take a look some of these Agbada embroidery designs that are too cool for words;



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