How to Make Love

how to make love

Here’s everything you need to know about making love.

First of all you need to understand that making love is that it is way different from having sex.

It involves you putting your heart to it as opposed to the mechanical.

So if you want to really make love and not just simply have sex, the first thing you need to do is put your heart into it. Its more about both you and your partner than just you.The easiest way to  do this is by only trying it out with someone you truly care about.

I’l  give you a few other tips on making love to a woman the right way

Prepare the Way:

Because of the way men are set up, it is easy to fall into this dangerous- wham bam thank you mam routine.
Prepare the grounds before you even attempt to mount the “pulpit”

Give her a little foreplay. Pet her, do the things she likes you doing and in no time you’l be taking her to cloud nine.

Listen to Her:

A lot of Nigerian women are conservatives so they won’t tell you what the like or do not like.

So how do you get to know what she likes?

Simple listen to her body language.

When you touch her in certain places, how does she react? Does she subtly pull away? Does she groan or moan?

This way, you’l know what she likes and does not like.

Take Care of Yourself:

Against  popular opinion, ladies actually care how you look and smell.

If you want to do it write put some effort into your appearance.

Shave what needs to be shaved and wash what needs to be washed.



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