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Seun Osewa’s Networth: And His Inspiring Biography


Here’s all you need to know about how much he makes, how he lives and how he spends his money.

Seun Osewa is one of Nigeria foremost and most successful tech entrepreneurs.

His story is the quintessential Silicon Valley story replicated in Nigeria- quite fascinating. Young dude gains admission to leading school (In this case OAU), Guy drops out to concentrate on something no one understands at the time- tech entrepreneurship, Guy suffers a bit but then hits it big at one of his ventures- Nairaland.

Nairaland is the top forum in Nigeria. It has been consistent in growth and continues to be one of the top visited sites in Nigeria at a time when Linda Ikeji’s blog and BellaNaija are quickly falling off the Alexa ladder.

On Seun Osewa’s Networth

Seun Osewa on Nairaland did what no other Nigeria blog/forum owner has done- he has created his own “Google Ads Network” so to speak.

After a while of using Google Ads, he switched to his own personal ads system which means people can place ads on his site practically unattended. You also get useful metrics like how many have seen an ad and how many people clicked.

Considering the fact that his forum has over 50 sections where different people place ads that platform is a living gold mine.

So How Much Is He Really Worth?

Analyzeworth says he is worth over $ 9,076,842.

But as with most networth analysis in Nigeria of unreturned taxes and no documentation, we cannot state a definite figure.

One thing is certain however- Seun Osewa owns a goose that will continue to lay golden ,stable eggs for years to come.

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