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Jagaban! Bola Tinubu Explains How He Found Riches


What makes the rich and influential? Is it the money? Is it the opportunities they had? Or did providence just hand it to them?

In a recent interview with TheNews, Bola Ahmed Tinubu shares the inspiring story of how he started.

He apparently started by making certain sacrifices others were not really making for him to get to where he is today at the age of 64.

He studied in Chicago and stayed there for a while working with Deloitte & Touche, now Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, before returning to Nigeria. Then he served as an accounting executive for Mobil.

Take a look at what he said

“At Deloitte and Touche, I chose to travel more than 80% of my working years there. And that is because if a staff chose to travel, he would make more money because he would get travel allowances,”

“We had gone there to set up their accounting and auditing system. It was while on that service that I got my financial break. When I returned to the United States, my employers gave me a huge bonus, which instantly turned me into a millionaire. “The bonus was $850,000, before taxes. My salaries were also being paid into the bank and I was not touching them. At the time, my salary deposits in the bank had risen to about $1.8 million



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