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“I’m Confident to Say I am Rich and Famous” Praiz Talks about What Made Him Who He Is


32 year old Praiz came into limelight when he finished third in the second edition of Project Fame. He has since moved on to be a force to reckon with in the music industry in Nigeria and beyond.
In a recent interview he talks about the things that made him successful and why he thinks he is rich and famous.

What Makes Him
• I surround myself with real people.
• I try not to allow fame get into my head. Fame is a drug.
• I don’t have a lot of friends. My friends are those I grew up with, who can tell me to shut up and I will respect myself.
• I also surround myself with people who will tell me the truth. Every artiste believes that every song he records is a hit. I like to surround myself with people who even when I record a song I think is good, they tell me I can do better
• . My family also keeps me going.
• I have a wonderful team, X3M Music.

His Definition of Riches

When I sang Rich and Famous, I wanted to be recognised for my music. If you watch the video for the song, it actually says a lot. I wanted to be famous for my genre of music, be recognised and appreciated. I also want to make money off what I do. I also want to impact lives positively with it.

How rich and famous He Would Say He Is

Right now, I’m confident to say I’m rich and famous. Because I impact lives, I don’t borrow money to buy a car. I pay my rent regularly. I take care of my siblings, my parents and friends.

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