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Three Successful Nigerian Men Prove that Its Ok to Fail Till You Succeed

  1. Sim Shagaya:

    Sim Shagaya is the founder and CEO of popular e-commerce site,

    We all know about the success of but did you know that before, there were many failures?

    Before Sim Shagaya  founded Konga,he had a dating site (later called Lovebase) which never really succeeded, a job placement site called, a classifieds site and the media streaming service All of these failed but he kept going till he achieved success with his out-of-home media firm- E-Motion. After that he later found even more success with Keep going till you succeed.

  2. Jason Njoku:

    Jason Njoku is the co-founder of Iroko Partners, owners of IrokoTv and key investors in other successful start-ups such as etc.
    Before Iroko Partners, Jason actually failed many times. Most notable of them is Brash Magazine which cast him into debt and depression. This didn’t stop him. He kept going till he founded Iroko Partners. Never ever give up.

  3. Frank Odega:

    frank odega
    Frank Odega is the popular character behind Gerrarahia fame. He was an actor from way back. He was never really an A list, he was just  a comic character. Years later, he stopped getting roles and resorted to selling video CDs. Yes, his shop was at Oshodi. One day a young man who knew his skits decided to put up some his comic skits for people to enjoy on social media. As they say, the rest is history. He is now a brand ambassador for  a popular telco.His fame is not only in Nigeria, it is also international. Never ever give up and success will find you.

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