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How to Get International Passport in Nigeria(Price , Renewal,Process)

Nigerian International Passport

The Nigerian International passport is an important document that is issued to Nigerian citizens. It is tendered when travelling to other countries. Your International passport is also an important document for identification. It is well received in banks and anywhere else when you do not have a valid Id card to present.

Passport Renewal Nigeria.

So how do you get and even do your Passport Renewal in Nigeria?
Here’s how.
I will be honest with you. There are two routes you can ply if you intend to get an international passport.
There is the ONLINE process of application and the OFFLINE process of application.
The first one is the ONLINE process where you visit the Nigerian immigration portal here to apply for your passport.

The Process of Applying for An International Passport Online in Nigeria

This is the process for applying ONLINE.
You will require a processing fee of N15,000
You also need to have the following documents.
1. Birth Certificate (Or sworn affidavit if you do not have one)
2. Two recent passport photographs.
3. Passport Application form (Completed on the immigration portal and printed)
4. Payment slip
5. Driver’s License
Once you have all the needed documents, proceed to the homepage of the online portal of the Nigerian Immigration; specifically
1. Click on the e-passport tab to start the process.
2. Choose your preferred passport type.
3. Choose your processing country.
4. Fill the form meticulously.
5. Upload the scanned copies of your required documents.
6. Choose your preferred method and pay.

The Second Route for Getting an International Passport is the More Popular route of applying OFFLINE. You get an immigration officer who becomes your agent. You pay to him/her, submit your documents, and he fast-tracks the process. A lot of people have been frustrated and almost given up when following the online process of application hence they go through this means. The downside is you may be opening yourself to fraudsters who will rip you off.

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Renewal of your passport becomes necessary when you have exhausted the booklet that was earlier issued to you on application.
This is the process and fee for renewing your international passport in Nigeria.
You need to provide the exhausted booklet
2. You need a renewal fee of N20,000.
3. 2 recent passport photographs (white background).

How Much Does It Take to Renew Your International Passport in Nigeria

Has stated earlier, it “officially” takes N20,000 to renew your international passport in Nigeria. However , you may need to part with more money depending on who does it for you.

Nigerian Passport Number Format

One of the times you need to know what the Nigerian Passport Number Format i s when applying for Visa. The Nigerian Passport Number Format is like this- It is made up of 8 figures and one alphabet.You will find your number at the top right hand of your passport.

Nigerian International Passport

Nigerian Passport Number Format

CAN I Renew my Nigerian Passport Before it Expires?

Yes. You don’t have to wait for your Nigerian Passport to expire.Simply go ahead as soon as the validity period expiration date is closing in

Nigerian Passport Application Form (PDF)

To download the pdf formart of the Nigerian passport application form, visit


If you have lost or misplaced your international passport, you need to apply at the Nigerian Immigration head office in Abuja.
You would provide the same documents as those needed to renew your passport.
In addition to that, you also need to provide a police report (as proof that it was stolen or misplaced.)

Nigerian Passport Application Status

To check your passport application status, all you need is your Passport Application ID & Your Passport Reference NUmber.

Then visit this link or , input your details and click submit. You will instantly know what your passport application status is.

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