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10 Places to Watch and Download Free Movies Online

10 Places to Watch and Download Free Movies Online


There are times, we would want to watch some of the best and the latest movies in town for free. And to do that, you will need to know the best website to visit. In light of this, we have considered it our job to render that help to you. This is a compilation of some of the best websites you can watch and download movies without much ado. If you have a love for streaming videos, or plainly to download, then you have stopped at the right place.


  1. YouTube: this is the home of free movies. With YouTube, you can get freshly published movies and TV Shows. Regardless of the numerous pirated video on the site, many of the videos are created through YouTube, that means they are YouTube Original. A lot the videos on YouTube can be found on Creative Common and can be downloaded there. Many people used applications like Tubemate and Tubemote.
  2. Vimeo: this is a website that is ranking second at the top of video-upload site. Here, you can get the chance to watch a lot of free videos. A lot of people have devoted their time to making these video for the public. On this site, there are a lot of videos to watch. On Vimeo, you are exposed to their staffs’ pick, which is like a box of gem containing a lot of different style of videos for you- ranging from Documentaries to music videos to science fiction etc. More so, you can download their application to watch it on-the-go.
  3. Public Domain Torrents: The website is true to its name. The videos on this site are those that had been moved to the public domain. Unlike other torrent websites, it is a site where you can download any video. Most of the films on this website are old, classy but are worth the time and download. Many of these films can be downloaded into different formats of the Video for you to watch at any time. More so, you can watch on mobile devices.
  4. Popcornflix: This is a website that holds pride in the fact that many of the TV shows available on different websites can be found on their website. One of the things about them is they pride themselves on the fact that one can download a video in one click. When you arrive at the site you would be exposed to different categories:
  1. New Arrival: this is a category that points to new uploads.
  2. Pop pick:  these are the favourite videos of the website.
  3. Foreign film: These are movies that are not made in the English language.
    1. Movies Found Online: This is a website that focuses on gathering rare videos. They have a variety of categories ranging from different years-1900s, the 1980s, 2010s; Fictional genre- romance, thriller. However, none of the videos uploaded to the site is owned by the site. They are the host of these videos and would surely bring them down if there is a copyright issue. More so, they help you search earlier by updating the most viewed videos, Recent Full Movies, Latest short films, Latest Animations, Latest Documentaries, Latest series etc.
    2. Crackle: This website is owned by Sony and this is the reason one can get a lot of movies from this website. Crackle is one of the few websites for streaming videos that are really functioning well, despite the fact that you have to sign up for an account with them. Consequentially, you can create a watch list where a lot of videos would be recommended to your watch list. Crackle is a website that gives one the ability to find as many films one had been longing for. They have been made available there for one.


  • 123Movies: this movie website is one that is intriguing and had climbed to the top list of many movie review sites. This website has a lot of the latest movies in town. It has movies and serials and TV Shows that are trending. You do not necessarily need to login into the website before you download the video. The Videos, on this website, range from Classic to Animation etc. Then, this video has some sections at the top- Featured Movies, Top Today, Top IMDb. Meanwhile, the suggestion is not limited to the top videos etc. It also has different genres or categories that make navigation easy.


  1. Mobmp4: This website makes navigation very easy for you. The first thing you see upon entering the website is the search button. This site has different categories that range from Videos songs to Bollywood films to a lot of other movies. Nonetheless, it not limited to just movies, it also has short videos. At the bottom of the website, you can see a number of top 21 files, last 21 added Files- by date.  Moreover, they have partners’ sites at the bottom of the website, where you can also download other videos.
  2. ProjectFreeTv: This website is strictly for TV Series and TV Shows. This website makes sure people have access to the latest TV shows in town. Regardless of the space it takes, they still manage to give the website very attractive and simple feel that users can use easily. In fact, they take the time to make some groups available such as Most popular TV Shows, and they even take their time to point to upcoming episodes. They allow the users know the Episodes that are being aired and the ones available for download.

Housemovie: it prides itself as Your Online Cinema. On this site, you will get access to many of the most popular TV Series, TV Shows, and Movies. More so, they go to the extent of making sure that they get the rating for most of these movies from IMDb; thereby, aiding your choice. The owner of the sites is not necessarily in a place to be sued for any Copyright issue because they get the links through their fans from sites such as NowVideo, Novamov etc.

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