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How to Transfer Airtime on the MTN Network: The Current Working USSD Code.

Transferring credit from your MTN  line to another line is a quick way to share what you have. A lot of times sharing credit is an emergency- the other party urgently needs help with some units or you just want a more convenient way to help out or  maybe you are even in a tight corner and need to trade off your credit for money or other reasons.

Don’t be bothered these are the current working  MTN USSD codes that will help you

How to Transfer Credit on the MTN Network.

To transfer Airtime on the MTN Requires These steps

  1. Get your Pin. Your PIN is your Personal Identification Number you would use in completing each transaction each time you want to transfer credit.

Everyone has a default PIN of 0000 but you will need to change your pin.

There are two ways to change your PIN- the first is by SMS while the other is by a USSD Code


How to Change Your PIN Using SMS

Simply text Send 0000 NewPIN NewPIN to 777.

So if you choose 1986  as your pin the  text message to send to 777  is  0000 1986 1986


If you are not comfortable with  changing your PIN via SMS the other way is by USSD codes and it is equally as simple.

Simply dial

*601* default/old PIN* New PIN* New PIN# and send

You will receive  a prompt that your PIN has been changed


Now to the Main Step of Transferring Credit on the MTN Network

Now that you have a PIN, all you have to do is this.

send Recipient’s Number Amount PIN to 777 as text message

Voila! The Deed is done!


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