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Things to know before you Rent a new Apartment.

Things to know before you Rent a new Apartment.

Not many people find it easy to buy an apartment thereby getting them to have to rent one. Renting a new apartment is dependent on two factors which is either as a first timer or a mover.

As a first timer, this could mean you have been living under your parents roof all the while but now you have decided to get yourself a place of your own thereby making you a first timer who needs to understand certain steps in renting a new apartment.

On the other hand, relocating happens to be for those who have stayed in a rented apartment previously but have decided to either move out due to the geographical location or monetary factor.

Whatever category you may happen to fall under, this article is for you as i get to elaborate certain things to consider first hand before renting a new apartment.


This is the very first step and condition you have to have in mind as the rent would not just come from the ground and pay itself. Properly take out time to examine your finances and then set out a sum which you know you are comfortable with parting with for rent before setting out to get a place. In cases where you love the area and cannot afford the rent, then you could seek for a roommate to help with splitting of the rent.



It is very important to cut your coat according to your size or preferably a bit smaller too. You cannot be earning N100, 000 (one hundred thousand naira monthly) and decide to get as small as a one bedroom flat in Lekki. It does not make sense except you either have an underground business paying you or a rich boyfriend paying the rent. Check out nice locations but not too expensive and it even gets easier when you get to put the word out through friends and colleagues at your work place just to make your search easier.


This is the part where you have to jot down your requirements in comparison to your taste as to what type of apartment and its features you wish to rent. There happen to be some buildings that are quite rowdy and some, quiet. Also some that allow pets and others do not and many more other features to look out for. Visiting the location would not be a bad idea either so you know exactly what you are going for and you get to also ask questions from neighbors around.


Just maybe you have found your dream apartment and you feel it is just perfect. Do not end at that as it is important for you to take a tour around the apartment from room to room, testing the flusher in the bathroom, the kitchen tap, looking out for cracks and crevices, rotten doors, ceilings to make sure they do not fall anytime soon, the corridors, railings, stairwell and as a Nigerian, make sure to have your own prepaid meter for your flat if you do not want issues in the long run. I would talk about electricity and expatiate more on prepaid meters. Make sure to also look out for pipes used for gas, water and make sure there are no leakages of any sort. Look out for the light and socket switches and also make sure they are functional and in a case where there is the presence of a heater and a hot and cold bath, endeavor to certify their functionalities. Most importantly, also look out that you have your privacy in a case of a downstairs apartment. Make sure the windows are high enough and the bedroom is at the corner most people do not use as a pathway. Also make sure the walls absorb noise so you do not get to have headaches from the neighbor next door having a noisy night (if you know what i mean) and try not to also get an apartment close to bars because trust me, your nights shall turn to day and your days, night.


Well, nowadays it is important to have a documented contract signed by yourself, the lawyer and the landlord. This is to enable you have a backup in a case of issues arising in the long run. This is Lagos and you would not want to rent a house that is not the renters house but rather having you been swindled by some scammer. Before penning down your signature, take out time to read through the documents and understand the terms and conditions and if it does not suit you, then do not sign. It is also advisable to have your own lawyer present and if possible, all documentations should be done in a nearby police station as this days,, you never can tell who is who. Also make sure to know the real landlord (owner of the house) first before doing any dealings with anyone that claims to be an agent or lawyer. I have heard of cases of more than 50 people paying for the same flat in the Ogba axis of Lagos but I do not blame them, ignorance was the case and they did not have the opportunity of actually knowing the basics to renting an apartment like you now do as you read through this apartment renting guide content.


All well and good, just maybe you love the house already and decide to make payment, kindly make sure you get a teller from the bank with the purpose of payment and the landlords name and account number boldly written. Afterwards, take it to the landlord or the said caretaker of the house and hand over a photocopy but not the original then request for a receipt that you have paid your rent which carries the agency or law firm put in charge on the letter headed of the receipt. It is always safer to make a transfer or write a cheque. That way there is an evidence that money exchanged hands


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