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How to Make Money. OAP Freeze Gives Us Some Hints

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How does one make money? In a recent post, Freeze talked about poverty mentality and riches.

He made a very profound point about how to be rich.

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This point has been one that i have hammered on over and over again- the question of your mentality. He insinuates that instead of hating the rich, how’s about finding out how they did it?

 N150 million 2016 #LAMBORGHINI #Huracan driving out of LEKKI phase 1 gate! And they say there is no money! read more after the cut…

In Nigeria it’s not everyone that’s having financial woes, it looks like it’s only the poor that have gotten poorer!!!!! Same day, same venue, lekki. In the morning I saw the 2016 #LAMBORGHINI #Huracan and now only a few hours later I am seeing right in front of me the #latest #Ferrari 488 GTB. This car is so new it has a 2 year waiting list meaning that there is a long queue to get one! It costs almost $400,000 + another 70% ($280,000)to clear, bringing the total to about $680,000 x 323 for a dollar it’s about N218,000,000.
While we are there reading and quoting the bible, these guys are living the life of the biblical Isaac who sowed in a land of famine and reaped a hundredfold. My question to you all now is; do I join other poor Nigerians and cry and bemoan Nigeria’s woes, abuse our leaders, get angry at the presidents frequent trips, cry about the dollar rates or simply stop these guys when next I see them in traffic and ask them HOW DID YOU DO IT???


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