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How to Start a Blog and Make Money from It

How to Start a Blog and Make Money from It

This side hustle is one that can work for you even in your sleep and should not be overlooked. Many people have made a lot of money from it and many would make money from it. If you know what you want, you can also make fortune from it. This post would really help you know the best way to make money from blogging.


Types of Blog

There are two types of blog and they would be discussed below:

Free Blog: 

these are blogs gotten from other websites. They are like free shops on an already built one. All they need is to be attached to an already hosted website. These are the blogs that come with an extra dot something for example: The most popular ones are Blogspot and WordPress. With these blogs, you are not paying anything to effect The themes and the settings are ready. The work has been prepared for you. All you need to do is to open have a reason for opening. Many top blogs started as free blogs but ended being a hosted one, meaning they later become paid ones.

How To Open Free Blog

  1. Ensure you have an email address. Your information would be sent here.
  2. Visit the supposed blog. After getting there, let’s take WordPress for example, you will need to click on “create blog” or “create website”.
  3. Input your details. Sometimes, the name you want to pick for your blog might have been taken just try another. The process is very simple.
  4. Another option is to download their app, after which you can follow the simple process from there. These processes are like the ones above.

N.B: Many of these free websites can still be paid for. Seeing they have existing formats, you would still enjoy the same access you got for the free websites. But this limited to those websites that offer free Blog.

Paid Blog:

this is a blog you paid for before it can become operational. Unlike the free blogs, many of the things needed are not made ready for you. You just have to do the set-up yourself. But with just nine thousand naira, you can open a website without much trouble (we would be treating this in another post).

How to Open a Paid Blog

  1. You need a domain name and a host. The domain is the one that shows that the blog is bought by this person. For the period of time you would be using this blog, nobody can ever use that extension or the name until you sell it out. Characteristics of these domains are that they end in .com,, .ng, .org. Those extensions are the domain. After buying this domain, you would still need to host the website. There are places you can get these domains for free online too but it is always advisable to buy your own.
  2. Hosting: hosting is like a land for you to put your shop or for others to make sales. With hosting, people can easily get access to your blog. There are different places to get a good hosting. There are many places like Namecheap, Whogohost, Bluehost etc.
  3. Theme or Website: The things you have above are equal to space and name. Now, you need the structure. This theme is the structure. You can either pay someone to build one for you, using the design you like or you decide to use existing formats. These themes can be gotten online, many of which are either free or can be bought.


The method you can use for a paid blog is surely different from that of free ones, but there are some of them that can still be made. Take Linda Ikeji for example, she started making a lot of money from her blog even without hosting it at first.

The main source of making money from a blog is from advertisement. But many of them have different names. For those using Blogspot, you have an edge over other free bloggers.

  1. Google AdSense: Google owns Blogspot, that is why you might get this for free. Google has a section called AD section and their advert placement is referred to as Google AdSense. Google Adsense would scan your website and begin to advertise things that look like your websites and in some other case, it can look at advertisement made within your geographical area. Then. It would place it on your website. For everyone that clicks on it, you get some dollars rolling into your account. However, you can apply for it with your paid website.
  2. Affiliate Links: these refer to money made while advertising other businesses on your website. Most of this affiliate links require that a specific thing is done before they can pay. Some of them would track anyone who enters their website with your link and for everything they buy, you get a commission. Whereas some are like Google AdSense, you are paid per click.
  3. Personal Advertisement: you can get others to advertise on your website. When many of them notice the traffic on your website, they are likely to change focus to you and you can begin to make money. For example, Seun Osewa of Nairaland makes as much as N150,000 for one advert placement on Nairaland’s frontpage.
  4. Selling of Products: this is another way many people make their money. You can decide to sell some of your products to people who would surely want to buy. You can make a lot of money if you are really good at marketing and if you have placed an easy access for them,
  5. Selling of Ebooks: Many people want to learn from you and one of the best ways to do that is to write e-books, giving out your progress and how you did it. This would make you enjoy a lot from people. Even if you are not an expert on that thing, compiling the right information would go a long way to help them.

The business of blogging is something that requires more of your creativity than your time. Give it your best and you would get a better reward.

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