How to Invest Your Money Wisely in Nigeria

high yield low risk invest opportunity in Nigeria

People have a notion that investment is a very difficult task, and that it requires rigorous processes with a huge amount of money to start. I have heard people say to properly invest money you will need hundreds of thousands of Naira, but that is not true. You can actually start an investment with just N10,000. Indeed there are quite a number of high yield investment opportunities you can take advantage of in Nigeria.

The 3 most important points in building wealth are to develop a good attitude, habits and discipline. When you have these 3 points then your road down the investment lane will be an experience that will make you into a strong investor.

With a population of over 180 million people, everyone in Nigeria cannot be a producer and consumer of their desired products. Also, the government cannot provide employment for all the citizens who are in working age and are ready to work.

Knowing how to invest money, where to invest money and when to invest your money will be a clever choice if you want to leave the class of the unemployed. However, investment is not for only the unemployed but for all.

investment in Nigerai

This article will expose you to ways which you can invest money. There are a few good places to invest money, and these are; The Stock Market, Export, Manufacturing, Agricultural Sector, Mining, Real Estate, Information Technology, Transportation, Security Company, Television Station, Fashion, Radio Station, Construction Company, Education Sector, Waste Management, Food Processing, Haulage Business, Day Care Centres, Cleaning Services and list goes on.

For the purpose of this article we shall discuss a few of them and point you towards the right direction.

The Stock Market Investment

We all know that inflation can be terrible on business and on investments. However, when you invest in the stock market you can be rest assured that inflation will be knocked out to a corner. When there is inflation in the system, it does not affect your money, therefore the value will remain intact.

How do you get your money invested in the stock market? You can invest your money through stockbrokers. The Economist Dictionary defines Stockbrokers or brokers as, “agents who buys and sell securities on a stock exchange on behalf of client.” Through these market experts, investors can buy shares of listed companies, who are on the stock exchange market.

Just like any other investment, there are rewards as well as risks in the stock exchange business. Knowing when to buy, and knowing when to sell your stock can be advised by your broker.

How do you earn from stock business? The income you earn will come from dividend, bonus share issue, and from price appreciation.

Dividend is the payment which you receive from the company’s profit, (typically annually) as a shareholder and to the size of the shares you are holding in the company.

Bonus shares are additional shares which is given to an existing shareholder without any other additional cost. It can be in form of buy 2 shares and get 1 free.

Price appreciation is an increase from the original price of a share, like from N100 to N150 it means your shares have appreciated in price value.

When you invest in stocks, you can have a short-term plan or a long-term investment plan. The short-term plan is to sell off your stocks the moment the price appreciates from the original purchase price. For example, from N100,000 to N180,000. While the long-term investment plan is when you wait for your stocks to mature and you paid dividends, bonus shares and the price appreciation of your shares.

The Export Investment

Earning foreign exchange is one of the best ways to get turnover of your investment, and the best way to go about it is through the export business. Nigeria is blessed with so many resources, ranging from oil, solid minerals, agriculture, and human resources. The opportunities are readily available in the export sector for you to invest in.

Commodity Export: Investing in this sector you can decide if you want to export agro or solid minerals goods. You will need to get a clearer picture of how the export business runs, by undertaking a thorough feasibility study, as we are not going to dive deeply into that in this article. However, we shall highlight the key points.

To start exporting you need to register a Limited Liability Company, acquire the appropriate export licenses from the Nigerian Export Promotion and other related bodies that govern export, get in touch with local suppliers of the commodity you want to export, be it agro or solid minerals. Get buyer of the commodity, you can do that online, then further discuss with the buyers and agree on terms. Then you can ship your goods to the destination country.


The increasing population of Nigeria is likely not going to stop anytime soon, with the population which already have above 180 million, each and every one of these individual needs to feed daily. If we assume that half of that population spends 500 naira daily on food, then 90,000,000 X 500 = 45,000,000,000.

Have you ever wondered how much you make from that huge figure? Now you should look around you and study what people are buying and what type of farm product will sell faster, do your feasibility study and get your investor cap ready to start engaging.

You can get product from commodity farmers, local buying agents, commodity sales agents, and commodity merchants.

Real Estate Investment

Nigeria is a developing country and it is not a hidden fact, one of our greatest challenge beside power supply is housing. As someone who has money and it is just sitting idly in the bank, here is an investment you can make and expect good return on Investment on your money.

Accommodation problem still remains unsolved in all parts of the country; it could be because the rent is not affordable or no free apartment in the choice location and several other reasons.

There are several types of buildings that are very lucrative and you can invest in.

  • Hostels for students
  • Conference Hall
  • Shopping malls
  • Residential apartments
  • Office building and lots more

In conclusion, the investment opportunity that are currently available are numerous and are not limited to our list above. When do you need to start investing? The simple answer is now, the internet is your greatest tool and all you need to do is a little more research based on the current budget you have.

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