Want to Start a Business In Agriculture? Consider these Great 15 Ideas

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1.Vegetable farming:

Vegetable is simple and you get a healthy profit margin. You should consider this as vegetables are one of the most consumed food items in Nigeria and beyond.

2. Mushroom Farming:

Mushroom farming is another easy to kick-start business you can venture into. Simply gather all the knowledge you need and voila!

3. Hatchery:

The hatchery business is another space you can exploit. Hatcheries are set-up for the purpose of selling day-old chicks. This idea is perfect for entrepreneurs.

4. Quail Farming:

With Quail farming you can tap into the profit stream for both egg and meat production.

5. Dairy Farming:

There are different facets of Dairy farming you can look into- from milk production, yoghurt and even manure. You can exploit this.

6. Commercial corn farming:

Corn can be used for various purposes- from being used for human consumption to being used by animals to being used industrially. These are different aspects you can exploit.

7. Snail farming:

Snail meats are a premium brand to the average Nigerian consumer. Therein lies its profitability. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited

8. Spices:

Spices are in regular and high demand. You may consider growing spices such as thyme, curry or nutmeg powder as those ones are in the most demand in the Nigerian manrket. You may also branch off to create your own species and market them.

9. Aqua farming:

Aqua farming is another highly profitable business that is not yet being exploited. You may consider going into  tilapia farming, crayfish farming, crab farming etc.

10. Meat packaging:

A trip to Ghana showed me that a lot needs to be done in the area of proper packaging of meat in Nigeria. A visit to our abattoirs can a turn the faint-hearted into a vegetarian. This is a field that is open to smart entrepreneurs. You can decide to nicely package meat- of any type- for sale .

11. Pig farming:

Piggery is another major source of meat production. Apart from being edible Pig fat, which is called Lard, is used as an anti-foaming agent in industrial processes.

12. Processed cashew :

Do you know that processed cashew is of high value in the FMCG industry? Not only in Nigeria,  cashew is also in high demand in the international markets where it is used as a raw material in developing drugs, antioxidants, fungicides, etc.

13. Groundnut Processing:

Groundnut processing is one business idea that requires minimal invest for the initial start-up. Not only are they consumed by humans, they can also be used as  animal feeds and the production of soaps, biodiesel, insecticides etc.

14. Flour milling business:

With a good supply of cassava and wheat, you can process them into flour which is used in making bread, biscuit and other food items that people consume a lot.

15. Jam & Jelly:

Fruits like strawberry, orange, grapes etc. can also be processed and turned into items like jam and jelly. This process is not so complex and it can be started on a small scale with little capital.


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