How to Conceive a Baby Boy

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Are you keen on conceiving a baby boy or really wondering how you can go about it or methods you can take to conceive a male child? Here, you will get to know the various methods that can easily come in your favour if you are really keen at conceiving a baby boy.

Overtime, there has not been a scientific evidence and proofs that a male child can be conceived through various methods which may include sex positions during sexual intercourse and the calculation of ovulation period, but the practice actually gives you a good chance of conceiving a baby boy.

Every individual especially couples have their motive of wanting to conceive the male child. The theories, however, depend on the reproductive cell of humans.

The male reproductive cell known as the sperm has XX while the female sex cell contains the XY, it is one of these chromosomes that determines the sex of the baby. The baby will be female if the man drops the X chromosome and will be male if the man drops the Y chromosome.

Our major concentration on this article is going to be centered majorly on how to conceive a male or baby boy.

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Methods on how you can conceive a baby boy

It is the sperm that fertilises the egg that will determine the sex you baby will be. According to scientific and medical research, it is believed that in choosing the sex of your baby, you should know that the male and female sperm has a few inherent differences. The sperm of a boy was found to be weaker, faster and smaller than that of a female. The discovery also shows that female sperm were more flexible and has the ability to survive for a longer period of time during motility in the woman’s body. Measures are needed to be taken to ensure that the male sperm stays and survives for a long period of time in the process of fertilization. Below are the processes that can help in conceiving a baby boy:

How to Conceive a Boy Using Clomid

Clomid is a popular fertility drug that helps couples who are trying to conceive. Follow this link to learn how clomid helps fertility.
This other articles will also give you a list of other fertility drugs you can try.

How to Conceive a Boy Naturally :

When you don’t want to use drugs and invasive methods,there are ways you can try.They include;

Sex Positions that help you conceive a boy

During sexual intercourse, deep penetration is very helpful in giving the sperm responsible for male or baby boy a good start. The motility or movement of the boy sperm will be faster than that of the girl sperm with less travel difference while they swim to the egg of the mother. This method tends to give a bright chance of conceiving a baby boy, if the sperm are ejaculated very close to the cervix then they are likely to find the female egg with ease. Some of the positions that can bring this to possibility includes

The doggy style:

 This method allows for deep penetration during intercourse, it is believed by many to be the best position to conceive a baby boy. It is achieved by kneeling on all fours and allowing the male partner to come in from behind, another way you can go about this position, is by kneeling or leaning on a raised surface, then also allowing your partner to come in or penetrate from behind.

  • Standing up:

Standing up is another preferable position that allows deep penetration. The boy sperm is believed to be given a lot of advantage in this intercourse kind of position as they swim very effectively and fast, against the force of gravity to reach the female egg. The best way to indulge in this position is by allowing the woman to lean on a wall.

  • Straddling:

Your partner will have to lie or sit up on the sofa, bed, bench or wherever you find more comfortable. You will have to mount or bestride on your partner and lower yourself against him. This position also allows deep penetration, moreover, if your partner’s penis is large and you are not comfortable then it will be better for you to be on top so that you can determine and control how deep the penetration should be.

Cycle Timing (male sperm and cycle timing)

Male sperm is faster than female sperm. Suggestions have been made that intercourse is better than ovulation. If intercourses take place days before ovulation, the male sperm becomes flexible and may quickly die off, allowing or giving more room to female sperm to get to the egg and fertilize it. The best time to have intercourse if you need a baby boy is 3 to 5 days after your ovulation.

Sperm and Underwear

It is a general notion that the underwear worn by men can affect their sperm production. Before even thinking of a baby boy we should first of all think about the ability to produce either of the gender. Boxer shorts are good for sperm production because tight underwear causes heat and makes the scrotum to get warm, and sperm cells tends to die off easily under heat condition. The method of wearing boxer shorts is also very favourable for the production of male sperm.

The Female Orgasm

The female orgasm has overtime been believed by many to play a vital role in conceiving a baby boy. Some people have the believe that during a female orgasm, alkaline secretion is normally produced into the vagina in this process, and it gives the boy sperm a better chance of survival. Generally, it is believed that when you orgasm before your partner during sex, it increases the chances of a baby boy.

 If you do not mind a more invasive method of conceiving a boyd, then try IVF!


One of the most reliable ways of conceiving your gender choice of a baby is by artificial insemination. It is done by utilizing genetic testing with invitro fertilization (IVF). It is good and safe if you desire to conceive a specific gender.

The intrauterine insemination (IUI) can be achieved by using a physiologic difference between male and female sperm by trying to separate the two sperm. In this medical procedure, the male bearing sperm” Y” are smaller and lighter than the female bearing sperm “X”, so they will be separated from each other so that one of the sperms can proceed for fertilization. The sperm sample is being centrifuged through a protein gradient. Since the male bearing sperm is lighter it will swim faster through the gradient and can easily be captured from the female bearing sperm easily. This method is effective, safe, and can be up to 70% effective.

How to Conceive a Boy According to Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient hindi method for conceiving a boy. Watch this youtube video to learn how to conceive a male child using the Ayurveda.

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