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How to Be A Good Husband

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Being a good husband is important and funny enough, it is also easy! If you want your wife to be an angel make your home heaven for her. If you want her to be a queen, be her king for howsoever you treat a woman so she returns unto you in double fold.

There are no set rules or guides to become a good husband to the wife of your youth. After following your heart, picking out the girl of your dreams amongst others, exchanging vows before family and friends, it is now time to put all those promises you made to your wife into practice.

So How can you be a good husband?

Here are some guidelines to follow on how to be a good husband, enjoy a happy wife and a happy home.

  1. Be respectful: As much as a man values respect, a woman does too. As a husband, it is pertinent to realize that your wife is a human being, different from you. Do not expect her to know the things you know or act like you do. Respect and understand that she will have her own interests and things that she is passionate about. Never disrespect her parent and siblings.
  2. Always keep to your promises: Do not say you will do a thing and renegade on it later after the mood in which you made the promise has passed. Stick to your words. If you tell her you are going to bath the kids for the night and tuck them in bed, follow it through.
  3. Morality: Develop morally correct of behavior, attitudes and stick to principles. This will serve as a foundation for your marriage. Provide moral standard and belief in faith whatever it may be and do well to carry your wife along.
  4. Be aware of your wife: Know everything about your wife. Her strength, weaknesses and fears. Know the things she’s capable of doing and what she cannot do. Understand all of these and work with her in achieving a successful marriage while taking in your imperfections as well
  5. Be confident: A woman can smell confidence in a man even from miles away. Your level of confidence determines the way you will love and support your wife. Women count confidence in men as sexy because they will feel safe and protected.
  6. CommunicationThere is no relationship without communication. Express your feelings to her and give room for her to air hers. Do not automatically assume she will do some certain for you because she is your wife. If you want her to do something for you, ask her. Communicate any ill that she may have done without raising your voice or resulting to abuse. Make out time to talk to your wife. Women like to talk especially with one whom they call partner. Listen to her because most times all she needs is just an ear to listen.husband with lovely wife
  7. Be punctual: Be on time. When you schedule a time to meet up with your wife at certain place say for instance a doctor’s appointment or dinner, try to be there on time. Your time is no more valuable than that of your wife.
  8. Be truthful, Always: Most men would roll their eyes at this but ask yourself. How would you feel if your wife hid certain things from you? Or you had to hear from an outsider a secret you wife should have told you? I can guess your answer. Make it a bait to always tell the truth to your wife. When you need to hang out with the boys, tell her whom you will be with and where you are going. This can literally save your life. Always be open.
  9. Do not cheat. Ever!: Love is selfless. No matter how selfish human are, love over rules all forms of selfishness. A good husband never cheats on his wife. Forget all the excuses out there and reason to justify cheating.  A man who truly love his wife would never think of hurting her in anyway. Work through your differences as a couple, always initiate ‘alone time’. Talk about everything and anything under the sun!
  10. Compliments: Women thrive on complements, believe it or not. Be affectionate with your wife. Compliment her often, buy her flowers, and appreciate her. Always be on the lookout for things that will make her happy. Help her with chores, especially those she hates to do.
    good husband happy
  11. Mark Wedding Anniversaries and birthdays: Most especially Wedding Anniversaries. Show her you made the right decision in marrying her and you do not regret it one bit. You may not know this but wives take their anniversaries pretty serious. It’s a reminder of the very important decision she made with you. Celebrating must not necessarily be something elaborate as you could organize a dinner at home with a bottle of Champagne.
  12. Spice up the Sex: Do not let things in the bedroom run cold and dry. No. No and No! Always seek new ways to pleasure your wife as much as she does you. She is your wife and nothing is a taboo except that which she is not comfortable with. Allow her take the lead sometimes and let her guide you through her body, it is not a crime

In addition to the above lists, follow your heart, work with your conscience, build upon the love you share with your wife and above all be a MAN!

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