Are You Still Using Hand Sanitizers? Shocking Reasons You Should Stop


Well over a year ago, the ebola virus found its way into Nigeria.Then the craze for hand sanitizer began.Before then we used it every once in a while but with the fear of ebola virus, a lot of us binge used it- making sure it was everywhere within our sight.

Of course hand sanitizers are  useful but consider this before touch your next bottle of hand sanitizer

  1. It thins out Your Skin

    If the hand sanitizer you are using is alcohol-based (which it is most likely is)then it is most likely thinning out out your skin.This is because alcohol dries out your skin. Prolonged usage leads to premature aging of that part of your body.

  2. It Can Lead to the Development of Hard-to-kill Bacteria:

    If your hand sanitizer doesn’t contain alcohol, then it most likely contains “triclosan,” which is a powerful antibacterial agent. The problem is overuse of antibiotics like triclosan can lead to the development of superbugs – which are essentially diseases that have developed a resistance to traditional antibiotics.

  3. It’s Not Even That Effective:

    I know- annoying. But research has proven that washing your hands with traditional  soaps  and water is actually more effective than using hand sanitizers.
    Truth is while certain hand sanitizers (specifically, those that contain at least 60% alcohol) are great at killing off microbial life, they can also remove naturally produced oils and beneficial bacteria present on your skin, which, ironically, reduces your body’s defenses against disease.

    So yes- soap and water over hand sanitizers.

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