Do These 4 Things to Get Over Addiction to Smoking.


Perhaps one of your new year’s resolutions was to stop smoking- these tips will help.

  1. Educate Yourself on the Negative Effects of Smoking:

Don’t assume you know. Do more research. Smoking affects not only you but also the members of your family. Knowing the effects smoking can have on your and your family’s health can be a great motivator to stop.

  1. Have a Plan:

    A desire without a plan is only a wish. So you want to stop smoking? Set a discontinuation plan. Set a time limit and take actions such as clearing out cigarretes stashs,ashtrays and anything that may remind you of the habit you are trying to ditch. Avoid hanging out with friends who smoke and encourage you to smoke. Have a plan and take action


  1. Consider Nicotine replacement:

    The substance in cigarettes that causes addiction is nicotine. To help reach your goal of quitting smoking, you can consider a replacement for nicotine such as nicotine gum. Do this for a short period of time till you are able to wean yourself of the habit.


  1. Find a Partner:

Though this may not always be feasible, getting one is a great way to achieve your goal.A quiting partner motivates you and keeps tabs on you to ensure that you indeed meet your goal to quit smoking.

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