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10 Guys Share the Most Stupid things They Have Done for Love kevin hart

We have all done one stupid thing or the other for love. But what is the most stupid thing you have done? Well these 10 guys share the most stupid things they have done and it is hilarious!

“Placed my sugar baby on a huge monthly stipend, I’m a widower, unknown to me she was busy catering for her boyfriend and I had no idea until I caught her, I was devastated, and she had agreed to marry me. I guess I dodged a bullet.”

“Sponsored my girl to aussie, she never came back till today. I’ve moved on. Heard she’s married.”

“I don pour groundnut oil for stove,thinking say Na kerosene..cos I was thinking about my girlfriend (now wife) that was coming over for lunch.uniport things..chei I love my wife to pieces o..before she became my girlfriend,I would walk her to the car park whenever she’s going to see her boyfriend..i dey even pay her transport wa..things we do for love..thank God I finally wifed her..she has given me two lovely kids already..”

“Mine will be sending my hard earned money 2 my then girlfriend in jand and then traveling severally to see her.”

“I still cant forget one 100k i sent to her, omo the girl had amnesia over the money ! I borrowed that money! On top of that she said some people do more for their girlfriends. I wan die .I was like 25 then,- I had no regular , yet I would by things, travel. That’s why i always wonder when women say my hubby loves me but he is stingy- he doesn’t love you ooo. “

“I “worked” my NYSC so me and the babe can serve in same place”

“When i was 17, i once bought a N15000 chain for a babe as christmas gift and what did i get in return, a N200 DVD that i have even watched”

“God knows it can never happen again sha, when i look back on it now i just burst into laughter like see mumu”

“Drove a girl to her friend’s house (only to discover she was shaggin’ the girls brother, who was happy waiting for her arrival that night) – i almost had an heart attack when i found out”

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