Here is How a Guy Should Wear a Bracelet (Plus What Wrist and how to Wear with A Wristwatch)

Here is How a Guy Should Wear a Bracelet (Plus What Wrist and how to Wear with A Wristwatch)

Here i am again but this time to speak on men’s accessories and specifically on Men’s bracelets as well as how to wear them and what to wear them on. Many at times, most men feel accessories are just too much and feel crowdie on them and so stay put on their watch and maybe a wedding ring only but then again, bracelets have a way of giving you this bespoke look everyone who comes around you wishes they had.

From colors to designs to texture, the choice is for you to make and only because you do know what sauce of fashion it adds to their clothing.

Although, when talking about bracelets, the feminine fashion accessories trend surpasses that of the male folks and many men tend to leave it at that saying it is a feminine style but real men actually complement their manly wardrobes as well as clothing with bracelets.

Do not get me wrong on this one, i am not saying it is a compulsory piece of accessory but instead it is a piece that is most certainly going to spice you up in the manly fashion world but then again.


Okay, i have said yes, guys can wear bracelets but the question now is why should they or why would they really have a need to get one?

The bracelet if well picked depending on your taste as a man plays the same role as your wedding band and maybe your necklace if you have one as a distinctive part of your looks rather than the center of attraction in all of your clothing. Sometimes, you may have a bracelet on and not even get noticed.

Using myself as a case study, when i go to the office on Monday wearing a suit, you just may never see the hang in of a bracelet on my wrist but then on a Friday when i get to wear a short sleeve, everyone is like, “wow, i love your wrist, could i have one maybe?”

This is so because i have quite a variety of bracelets and what if i told you i have bracelets with same material used to sew my native wears and so i complement my clothing with whichever fits in.



Now having to wear a bracelet, it is important to know they actually do come in different forms- metallic, chain, ankara, rubber, leather and as well as different patterns. Wearing a bracelet has to complement your outfit which is to say, you would not want to wear a leather bracelet like those for rock stars on a suit to attend and interview or a big metallic one for an Agbada or Danshiki outfit.

When wearing a suit and looking all cooperate, something slim and metallic is a perfect fit or a monotonous thread like bracelet which is also known as “shambala” would do just fine. In a case where you your wardrobe is clothed with pants and nicely selected Tropicana clothing, a leather bracelet or a rough cut edged beaded like bracelet as well as thread like bracelets complement this sort of outfit flawlessly.

Looking at the suggested bracelets for each outfit you would notice that they play the same role and meet the same purpose which is to place emphasis on your overall clothing style. From another angle, you could say it simply redefines your style for others to know you intend to look good and yes, you slayed the looks. You could as well say you wear a suit to look great, true that is but the purpose of the bracelet just helps enhances the fact that you actually look great.

Just like wedding bands and necklaces, it is actually dope to have your bracelets embedded in your dress code and by that i mean, they looking worn out and broken which gives it this vintage feel of complement to your outfit.

This is achieved with constant sliding forth and back on your wrist which in most cases affects mostly metallic bracelets while worn out of leather bracelets happens when you decide to bath with it and hardly take it off.

Fitness also matters when wearing bracelets just like when you get a new chain watch, you would need adjustments to give a perfect fit. This would require you at purchase, giving the seller your wrist to measure and make adjustments but in a case where you made an online order for your bracelet, we have got mallams also known as abokis who sell and repair watches and local bracelets. They would most definitely be able to help with adjustments likewise help polish your metallic bracelet in a case of dirt and residues gathering around it due to sweat from your wrist and dust from nature. Constant cleaning is not a bad idea which can also be done with the nail polisher to avoid rusting as well as causing irritation to your skin.


In summary, bracelets give this classy cloth fill and you should not wear too many at a time on each wrist and best advice is two at most for each wrist if you decide to wear on both hands. When choosing a bracelet, make sure to pick one which is simple and with class that just been seen alone speaks classy of your clothing combination. Loud designed bracelets only make you look local speaking from the Nigerian angle except maybe you happen to be an entertainer. Also have in mind that bracelets are not compulsory just like necklaces are not. I do not wear necklaces because it causes itching and then rashes to my neck due to mixture of sweat and the metal elements so also some men could actually have quite sensitive skins to wearing bracelets. Look out for a bracelet that does not make you uncomfortable as well as cause any irritations and stick to that. (SEE The Ultimate Men’s Wardrobe Essentials Checklist)

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