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Top Haircuts Rocked by Nigerian Male Celebrities and Their Names

Nigerian celebrities have actually taken haircuts and hairstyles to an exciting new  level. They have now realized that their hair is an important part of their brand and so put in an effort. In turn, their true male fans follow them and imitate their hairstyles.

Today, let’s take a look at some of the most hairstyle cuts that have been or is being rocked by Nigerian artistes.


    1. WIZKID: I remember Wizkid starting off in his first hit single with a low cut and fine boy looks and then upgraded to the dread style sometime in 2015 but all those are bygone when we bring in the 2017 hairstyle Wizkid used in changing the fan base of even other artistes. Wizkid had a tint of hair just like Chris Browns hair then and we both know that they both have a thing as real “g’s” with pictures of chills as well as clubbing together occassionally. The come closer video was the break of a new dawn in the hairstyle trend and shortly afterwards, i saw Olamide on same hairstyle but that would be a discussion for later in this article.
    2. OLAMIDE: I mentioned above might have actually gotten his insight for his hairstyle pattern only that he had his tinted golden colour. Well Olamide actually had his fellow artiste (lil kesh) and one time label artist as well as a lot of his fans including girls follows the trend of a dyed golden coloured punk. Quite a trend i must say but then again, you just have not gotten the feel of it when it comes to trending hairstyles wait until the next unfold.
    3. LIL KESH: Just like his YBNL boss, lil kesh followed suit with the trend but had his dyed wine coloured. I do not know what it is with artistes and dyed punk hairs but then again, it was an opportunity for fans to actually associate themselves with whoever they dimmed fit to be their best artiste and it was differentiated by the colours.
    4. TEKNO MILES: He also decided to follow the trend of dyed hairstyles but had his in style by coming out with what is known as “gallas” hair cut instead of the ususal punk many artiste decided to have. Tekno Miles who happens to be signed under the Triple MG record label and is said to have actually outshined Iyanya at the time when the later was in the label is doing quite well for himself both with his career, dress style and hair styles. He is one in style


  1. Y-CEE: A proactive rapper and one who made waves with just one single from the start has also been trending not just in his career but also dress sense wise and hairstyle wise. What trips me about Ycee’s hair style is when he decides to pack it all together which makes his head look like a pineapple with a crown (no offence but it is cute). I love pineapples personally hence this style trips me quite a lot but then again, in as much as I would have loved to feature this hairstyle on my head, I am a cooperate worker and that would not be possible (lol) if you know what I mean.
  2. PHYNO: I do not know what to say about his hairstyle really or where he got the inspiration from but I must tell you, he has his own trend no one has been able to copy so far from what I know. Phyno has a full blown mo- hawk also known as “gallas” which he sometimes weaves and at other times allows to be fully blown. There are also times he decides to dye it and un-dye it but I must tell you I admire the courage and time he must have put in making his hair this full alongside lustrous beards to go along with it. Phyno is a high life ibo rapper and actually has a bright career in the music industry but one question I would love to ask just in case he comes across this post is, “Oga Phyno, does it not itch you to keep such hair or cause you headaches?”
  3. FLAVOUR N’ABANIA: This guy has been iin the music industry for quite a long time with his hit single all the way back to his “ashewo” track. Flavour has always been a dreaded musician and yes at a time I actually thought he was joining dread artificially to his punk cut but later discovered he actually kept only the back of his hair dreaded and the front barbed in punk. Flavour who happens to be a highlife ibo singer and the owner of 2 nite entertainment and 2 nite club in Enugu town is doing well for himself. Baby daddy to 3 on Nigeria’s beauty queens, now that is quite an achievement.
  4. TIMAYA: The egberipapa one of Bayelsa and CEO of Dem mama records is one known to have been on dreads with lesser beards when he first came into the music industry but now, features a low cut hairstyle with quite a full bearded face. I presently was on this look at a time but the beards had to also go due to the co-operate world type of jobs. So far this is the best hairstyle amongst the male Nigerian artistes in the industry from my own point of view but then again, everyone has his or her own opinions. It is a free world.

    the MAVIN record label artiste also has his own style which makes him stand out in the industry. A jerry curled afro haircut which actually gives him this baby look even though we all know he is not a kid as he tends to portray himself to be. Not just his singles have been a hit back to back but also his dressing sense and also his hairstyle with no one seen to have actually copied it since he came into the spot light.(10 COOL HAIRSTYLES BY KOREDE BELLO YOU CAN COPY)

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