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Driving Long Distances this Holidays? Keep these Survival Tips in Mind


Its that time of the year when we travel long distances- to our hometowns, vacation spots, etc.Sometimes, we decide to drive ourselves. If that is the case with you. Keep these tips at the back of your mind.

Most of these tips centre on packing car-friendly items and doing important checks. (You can skip text to infographic below)

  1. Check your tyre pressure:

    Before you set out.

  2. Prepare and emergency kit:

    It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Just enough to be ready if a member of the family suffers from road sickness etc

  3. Bring lots of food and water:

    You may not trust what is sold on the road

  4. Bring thin blankets and bed-sheets:

    If you are traveling really long distances.

  5. Bring your favorite music:

    For entertainment

  6. Bring a Flashlight

  7. Check the oil levels

  8. Make sure there is an extra tyre in the car

  9. Research the routes before leaving .If possible, put it on the GPS.

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