Top Football Academies in Nigeria You Should Know About

Joining a good football academy is the first step to achieving one’s dream as a footballer.
Top teams of the world scout for the best players in football academies in the world and pick the ones that they believe to have the best potential and are the best fit for their club.
Not only do the football academies provide a great visibility platform for young footballers, they are a great training place for them to learn how to professionally play soccer.This is sacrosanct as playing football on the streets is very different from playing professionally.
It is therefore not a thing of joy to note that in Nigeria, we do not have the best football academies.That is why you see aspiring footballers struggling to go out of the country to join football academies as their chances are drastically improved.

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A good thing to note however is that things are quickly looking up!
There are a few good football academies in Nigeria that are reallu making waves! Take a look;

The Best Football Academies In Nigeria.

  1. Papilo Football Academy:
    Remember that advert “Papillo i know one day you go make us proud?” Indeed Papilo is making us proud.The founder of this club is no other than Kanu Nwankwo himself.He founded it in 2001 and the academy has grown in leaps and bounds over the years.Being a well-established veteran in the world football space, he has keyed in into his influence and money to create a platform that has continued to produce footballers that have gone abroad to make us proud.
    To join or contact Papillo football academy call;
    Phone: +234 803 777 9697
  2. Pepsi Football Academu(PFA)
    The soft drinks producer- Pepsi has, for decades given back by investing massively in football.One of the ways they have done this is by setting up a football academy.
    Their football academy has stood the test of time and has produced a lot of great footballers who have changed the way the game is played worldwide.
    An example of such great ones includes Mikel Obi.One amazing thing about the Pepsi Football Academy is that it is affiliated to football academies abroad.If you are good enough, you just may get sent there!
    There have over 16 centres round Nigeira and over 4000 students.
  3. Midas Soccer Academy:Midas Soccer academy is one of the most influential soccer academies in Nigeria.It is affiliated with the NFF (Nigeria Football Federation) and is also a great to start out as an aspiring professional footballer.Midas football academy was founded in November 2006.
  4. Kwara Football Academy Nigeria:The prestigious Kwara Football Academy was founded by Bukola Saraki and has continued to be managed by the Kwara State Government.Kwara football academy ensures that it builds young talents and accepts between ages 18 and 21
  5. Abuja Football College (AFC):Abuja Football College is the brainchild of  Gabriel Newton who is also FIFA Licensed instructor.He partnered with Haruna Abba and brought it forth in January 2012AFC has being known to beat other top academies in several competitions.

AFC has an exclusive training center in Wuse, Abuja Municipals Bwari. It also has a residential suite that can accommodate 120 students.
Apart from its impressive facilities, it also trictlu runs the USA educational curriculum.
Contact Abuja Football College on their website here

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