10 Top things Nigerian men Want in Bed

10 Top things Nigerian men Want in Bed

You may actually think just your looks alone gives you the i am s3xy feel but forgetting that without knowing what men truly want in bed, you are just a beautiful, well sculptured edifice.


For you to know what men truly need in bed, take a read through the top 10 tips below;

  1. ENTHUSIASM: Trust me it is not all about intercourse. Being enthusiastic about it is what really matters and this involves you putting your heart, mind and body in the entire charade and not just your body as most girls do. “Making love” to a man is different from having “s3x” with him.Nothing gets a man all cocked up and wanting than a lover who is enthusiastic about her man. All a man wants is for his lover to give him response as to all she does with him in bed.
  2. INVENTING NEW TRICKS: Men actually appreciate a lover who is willing to go all out in inventing and bringing about new tricks in the bed room. Does not necessarily mean you have to go all the way to whip your partner (50 shades of Grey) routine but instead for you to be open to new inventions of tricks.The hunger for foreplay is like an appetite that needs to be fed. You would not drive off without fuelling your vehicle and same applies with foreplay and s3x. Do not be scared as to it been a regular, it is only for some days just to lighten the mood not for an every time escapade.
  3. BEING BOSSY: Outside the bedroom, a man may decide to be the boss but in the bedroom, most men actually love their woman telling them what to do in bed. It is fun to have a woman take charge and be the head when it comes to affairs of pleasure in the inner room. Telling a man what to do and him knowing he would be successful in actually helping to pleasure you and maybe get to the climax of your games only just makes it much more interesting. Ever noticed that in the bedroom, men could actually be submissive? Still get to wonder the power women actually hold to be able to make a Lion (man) subdued to a Puppy when it comes to pleasurable affairs in the bedroom.
  4. TRAIT OF CONFIDENCE: Sometimes, men just want to take a good look at their partner all naked and looking ravishing without anything on with the lights on. A woman who does not mind is one after her man’s heart as nothing beats the confidence in such a woman who happens to be very proud of her bodies regardless the shape, size, height and other possible characteristics. Just staring at their partners gets men switch superbly turned on and when it goes down finally, it really does go down. Confidence is one of the top 3 attributes any slaying partner can have.
  5. A BRAIN SUPER FILLED WITH LOVE: Any woman who happens to always have in her subconscious the s3x factor ahead of her is one known to walk through life without worries outside of the inner room which only but makes her super s3xy. This involves sometimes picking up your phone knowing your man is quite busy or maybe at a board meeting and s3xting him and in a case when you are together in the public, being extremely naughty and flirtatious gives waves for a better come back for him when you both get into the bedroom even though the car could be an option. Never forget that s3x is controlled by the brain and so use it in your advantage and let your partner know you have been thinking about s3xual escapades with him all day which only makes things steamy later on.
  6. PRAISE ‘O’ PRAISE: Do not be deceived, no matter how proud a man is or one who does not show his feelings does not mean he does not appreciate praises from a woman. Any woman who has this in mind and looks for any little way to appreciate and compliment her partner never lacks anything as regards affection in return. It shows how appreciative she is and he would want to do more even as far as using his last strength to pleasure her in the bedroom.There is no man you ask today that would tell he would not appreciate knowing how special he is to a woman hence as a woman, you have to acknowledge your man.
  7. LEVEL OF INTEREST IN INTIMACY:Showing to your man how readily you are for him and how intimate you wish to go down with him so hard with act ups of how badly you so desire his touch would make him want to make tlove to you so passionately with no passiveness.
  8. BE A WILD ONE: Being a porn-star just for your man alone is actually a major turn on for men. You would not want him going out to the joints to pick some stripper just because she is wild and all you know how to do is “daddy and mummy” in the bedroom. Be a hungry lioness and he would be the lion you want him to be in bed.
  9. TOUCH YOURSELF FOR HIM TO SEE: Been s3nsual from afar while he lies in bed watching is a major turning on factor. This face features men who can resist the initial urge and actually pass through the torment before devouring you passionately. Touching yourself shows hold bold you feel about your body and most men love this.DO THESE THINGS IN BED AND YOUR NIGERIAN MAN WOULD NEVER LEAVE YOU
  10. PAY ATTENTION TO HIS SENSITIVE SPOTS: Using your fingertips, tongue and lips to play around his sensitive spots is a plus one. All these could actually make a man drool all over and speechless. Ever heard a man moan? This would actually lead to that. Just make sure to pay attention to details and be cautious so you do not let the monster within so the house does not come crashing down with bangs and bangs.

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