Different Fabrics for Men’s Wears

There are different materials  that men use in sewing their outfits. Whether it is native wears like your atiku, or others, the material is important as it definitely affects the finishing.
Let’s take a look at some of the most common fabrics men wear and as well as the pros and cons if any of these materials

We kick start with;

Ankara Fabrics for Men

This happens to be a cotton fabric make. This African print done with waxing is highly recognized for its takeover in the fashion world leading with a trend that seems not to get outdated. This African wax print features quite a vast range of designs and patterns but also comes in grades. Concept of sales is at 6 yards or 12 yards depending on the piece you decide to pick and with leading African wax print companies like DaViva and the likes, men most definitely cannot let this pass and so adorn themselves with this fabric a whole lot more than any other fabric. This fabric allows for men to make comfortable shorts out of it as well as polo tops and that is them not going complex with the Ankara fabric and by that i mean sewing a full traditional regalia if you know what I mean.

Atiku Fabric for Men

Just like any other brocade, the Atiku fabric comes in different textures but the very high targeted ones are in cotton. This men material is one of the expensive fabrics in the market ranging from as low as N10, 000 – Hundreds of thousands of naira. It comes in different designs with most of them usually plain in nature and others in stripes as well as patterned. Nigerian men love this material as it enables then able to sew any type of style in trend most especially the Senator style giving them a stance amongst their peer at occasions and even in church.

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Batik Fabric for Men

This is also known in Nigeria as “adire” amongst the Yoruba’s. Its patterns are usually formed through a tie and dye format. In some cases, rather than tie it up, the use of cassava is introduced so as to be able to withstand the dye. Most typical traditional men from the west can always been seen on this every other day not just of Fridays (Nigerian self-acclaimed day for native wears). This material speaks tradition and is highly fitting on men. Not so common in the present generation as the likes of Ankara and others have decided to take over but then again, as vintage as it is, it is still highly appreciated amongst men.

Lace Fabric for Men

This has been in vogue from the days of our fathers and mothers. The lace fabric usually are known to appear in quite a long list which could either be paper or cord or tulle or guipure, sequined, jute, the popular known “George” as well as “French lace”. Quite a number of them come in color mixtures. Men who feature in this attire are regarded as “ogbu chair” or “baba nla”. Having a lace in those days signifies wealth and with our present economy, it is even more expensive to get one.

Most men who cloth in the Lace fabric usually may have gotten the material passed on from a parent or family member and for those who buy, they are “Men”. One thing about the Lace fabric is that unlike the other men materials, this cannot be used as versatile as some of the others can be used. In fact, this material is mainly kept for special occasions usually to be tied around the waist using the Urhobo men for example as they are the ones who mostly feature in the Lace material. Although, the Lace material comes in different grades but have it in mind it is still a luxurious piece of material.

Chiffon Fabric for Men

This fabric is quite transparent although has different stages of transparency depending on choice. Most men feature in this material mostly for the light weight nature of the fabric. This fabric knows no enemy with others and can be combined with the likes of Ankara, Lace amongst others to grace occasions. Most men also love the transparent feel it gives as it also allows for passage of air through the perforated holes around the material.

Silk Fabric for Men

This present generation has seen quite a number of men going to their tailors with this fabric. The silk fabric comes in smooth to touch with a glossy look and quite slippery nature. It is a very delicate piece of fabric when compared to the rest but then has its own purpose. Some men love the smoothness and so go in fulltime for this fabric. Well, I for one does not like this fabric as anything could give it a patch most especially in this our Nigerian condition and corrosive means of transportation where every part of the bus is metal. If a Nigerian bus can tear your jean then what would you say of the silk fabric? It most definitely could shred it… LOL.

Aso Oke Fabric for Men

I do not know the English name of this fabric but it was originated by the Yoruba’s. As in, no one can claim this from them as this happens to be one of the very hard to find fabric that have passed through hundreds of years and still yet in existence. Most men who wear this today, if you check them well, they either are wearing their fathers attire or their grandfathers and so on as hardly before you see it been sewn and even if it is, you can tell the difference from the originality of its design. Men who wear this can be traced back to a strong Yoruba lineage although, men not from the tribe still rock in this but the only way you get the feel is when it is worn for a Yoruba occasion also known as “OWANBE”.

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