Latest Dashiki Styles for Men in 2019

Men are now leading the rocking of Dashiki in Nigeria and beyond. Initially, the go-to men’s dashiki style was the basic shirt . However, things have quickly gotten more interesting.
From long sleeve dashikis, to dashiki for the office styles to even classy hoodies, we are taking the dashiki game to a whole new level.Now it is not unusual to see the dashiki fabric being used to make a lot of accessories- even beach shorts.
This surge in interest has arisen because of the fact that this fabric has gone beyond that bright coloured fabric from Ghana. It is now a statement of identity. It is no wonder that a lot of people wore the dashiki to go see the iconic movie “The Black Panther”


African men’s clothing are stylish, tribal, and unique. Take a look at the different ways the stylish Dashiki can be used in different ways and get inspired!


people wearing dashiki
dashiki sweater

Dashikis can be sewn into long sleeves that will suit more serious occasion like a wedding or generally ceremonious gathering.


dashiki long sleeve with hoodie

Hoodies are an edgy way to wear the dashiki. The cool thing about this type of hoodie is that you do not have to use the fabric throughout the clothing. Since it is bright coloured, bits and pieces of the fabric can be used strategically style the hoodie.If you have the swag enough to rock the full fabric then go for it.

dashiki hoodies
dashiki hoodie with pocket
dashiki hoodie 1
dashiki couple outfit


dashiki beach shorts
dashiki beach shorts 2

Dashiki shorts are the perfect outfits for the beach.They are bright, colourful and you end up looking put together like you were deliberate about your choice of outfit.

Tips for Wearing the Dashiki Fabric as a Man

  1. Pay Attention to Patterns: The dashiki usually comes with bold patterns that are taken into consideration when sewing an outfit. If you do not pay attention to thme your outfit- no matter how cool the style is may turn out looking disheveled. Pay attention to it and you have a nice intriguing outfit.
  2. Don’t Shy Away from Colours: You probably wouldn’t even find a dashiki fabric that is not bright-coloured as it is traditionally meant to be bright coloured.So if you are like a lot of guys who hates bright colours, relax and enjoy this one,- it is for a good cause

nice dashiki shirts

mens white shirt with dashiki highlight

mens dashiki top with black trousers

don jazzy wearing dashiki

dashiki top with sweater

dashiki top with blue jeans

dashiki sweats

dashiki coord

dashiki with facecap

cool white and blue dashiki

black dashiki
black blue and white dashiki

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