2018 Nigerian Men Fashion Styles for Smart Men

Style for Nigerian men has continued to evolve over the years. In 2018 however, it is clear that we are not playing. The days of boring style and outfits have long gone! Say hello to great style, perfect finishing, creative ideas, new meets old .It is also a year of simplicity and classy.

Yes. it seems to be the same basics such as senator native wears, agbadas. It is true traditional wears- whether igbos , hausas or Yoruba remain relevant. However, one thing that will set this year apart is an attention to detail and an artistic rendering of hitherto boring styles. So you will see delightful creative in the way embroideries are done. Even usually boring details such as the pockets and the colors will become a fun playground for a cool display of artistic prowess by the designer.

How Show off Your Style in the Year 2018

  1. Get a Great Fashion Designer: A great fashion designer will give you so many things.  He will be aware of the trends, be smart in knowing what fits your body structure and will also give you good finishing. He does not have to be expensive but he should be skilled. See the difference between a tailor and a Fashion Designer
  2. Regularly Visit We Promise to constantly update you on the latest men’s styles in the country so you are never left out. Every month starting from March, we shall be releasing a new collection of pictures to inspire your designs and styles.

Style Mistakes to Get Rid of in 2018 For Native Wears


  1. Poor Finishing: This can never be emphasized enough. There is nothing as embarrassing and cheapening as a poorly finished outfit. It does not matter how expensive the fabric is, it screams cheap when you don’t pay attention to your finishing. It is the same way a good finishing can make a cheap outfit look classy
  2. Lack of Creativity: Yes , all our styles seem the same, senator styles, agbada, etc. They all seem to be the same, but please a little originality goes a long way. The guy who made the viral  agbada Ebuka wore for Banky W‘s birthday was super creative that is why people where excited. His agbada is hoked not worn the traditional way. Even if you cannot be that radical in your creativity, still try to put in an effort to be creative.


Style Tips for English Wears

  1. Time to Start Rocking Bags: Pockets bulging with keys and wallet. ”Honey help me hold my wallet” etc all have come to end.This is because men are now carrying bags and I am sure you will not be left out. It is a great statement of style not to talk of how convenient it is. Get yourself a good man bag. Preferably a good designer- maybe Gucci since we all now crazy about Gucci.laughing out loud.
  2. Buy Quality: Quality trumps quantity all the time. Make sure you get quality pieces and will last and last long after you get over the pain of the cost.May this year be filled with style and swag!

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