Youthful Yet Classy Short Agbada Styles You Should Try Out

Short agbadas are a smart way for stylish men to rock the agbada without the annoying weight and inconvenience of a full long agabda.

The normal agbada is usually long- almost touching the toes, the shorter , more youthful variety is shorter sometimes at the knee or a little bit longer.

What’s more? you use less fabric so you don’t have to schlep heat-inducing, unpleasant fabric round you. You also look smart and trendy.

Take a look at the ways these young men rocked theirs, I particularly like the way Kcee rocked his.

youthful-yet-classy-short-agbada-styles-you-should-try-out-1 youthful-yet-classy-short-agbada-styles-you-should-try-out-2 youthful-yet-classy-short-agbada-styles-you-should-try-out-3 youthful-yet-classy-short-agbada-styles-you-should-try-out-4 youthful-yet-classy-short-agbada-styles-you-should-try-out-5


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