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10 Places You Can Buy Pets in Nigeria

10 Places You Can Buy Pets in Nigeria

As a pet lover, I have decided to share this piece of content with you most especially for those who are pet lovers likewise and for those who are not; I hope this article convinces you also.

Pets can be described as human buddies and best friends as you can speak to them without having to be judged, in a case of depression you could just have your cat cuddle up by you while you stroke her hair or have your dog perch on your laps while you play with him. Pets actually reduces stress in the human body system and research has it that those with pets get to live longer than those without pets.

There is a good vibe about having pets around you most especially for those who cannot stay alone in their homes and need a companion but none is available. Getting a pet or pets only but makes the house quite homely and conducive to live in with the pets having to run around and making the home busy like you got quite a number of people for coffee or something.

I remember back then during my school days, I got  myself 4 cats and an Alsatian pup and trust me when I say it was more or less like I had a party going on every now and then. Yes, pets come with the stress of having to arrange a scattered house over and over again though there is a way around it and that happens to be training them properly from a young age to avoid story that touches the heart.

I could go on and on about pets and the love I have for them but then again, the purpose of this article is to let you know top 10 places you could possibly buy any pet of choice within Nigeria.


Here is a list of the top 10 places to choose from if you decide to eventually get a pet after reading this content;


  1. JIJI .COM .NG: Jiji is an online platform more like an e-commerce site that allows individuals to purchase a last variation of items including pets. On here you meet different sellers and you are allowed to negotiate the price of these pets and have them delivered to you. Pets could range from dogs, cats, parrots and more.
  2. OLX .COM .NG: This is yet another e-commerce site and just like jiji, everything you can think off is sold on here. The sale of pets as well as pet accessories could be found on here.
  3. EFRITIN .COM .NG: Same platform as the above two mentioned, all kinds of pets and accessories could be gotten on here and delivered at your doorstep or gotten through a mutual link up agreement.
  4. KONGA: This happens to be one of the top leading e-commerce sites in Nigeria where majorly everything is sold including animals and pets. Well, going through their site and selecting a pet of choice is as easy as the first three alphabets been said as all you need do is make your selection to your cart and after all selected, you then check out then wait a few days for your pet or pet accessories to be delivered to your doorstep. This could be stress free you know. (See also HOW TO BUY A GOOD LAPTOP BAG IN NIGERIA) 
  5. NAIRALAND: This should have been first on the least as compared to other platforms; Nairaland covers a large range of item sales as well as educative posts. Now on Nairaland, all you need do is go to the animal thread and just scroll through. On there, you would see a lot of pet sellers as well as the various amounts they come in. When you come across any of your choice, you call up the seller or send an email on the platform to the seller and afterwards a link up is arranged for physical verification and voila, you own a pet of your preferred choice.
  6. PATRIAVET: I happen to have purchased my parrot and dog from PatriaVet and trust me when I say they were already trained before I bought them. They came in full breed and not crossed for an average fee below the usual amount you purchase these pets from other pet places. Patriavets is located in the Badagry and Yaba parts of Lagos but can easily be accessible via their Instagram handle @patriavets.
  7. LOCANTO .COM .NG: At Locanto, for those in need of pet dogs you can happen to find a large variety of breeds to pick from such as; Chihuahua, Dalmatian, St. Bernard amongst others. Locanto has over 20 breed of dogs as well as over 9 breeds of cats including the Egyptian Feline which is a rare species. Lagos happens to be their headquarters although have branches spread across the country.
  8. VISION AWARE .ORG: The vision aware pet shop focuses on the marketing of highly trained pets mainly for the disabled. These pets are well trained to guide their owners in a case of a blind or crippled individual. They are quite sensitive to their immediate and external environments and find it easy to navigate and adapt to any new location they find themselves thereby making it quite easy to retrace their steps back home while guiding their owner.
  9. DURO VET SERVICES: At Duro vet service which is located in the city of Ibadan, Pets are highly catered and kept healthy. All you need do is but walk into the vet shop, point at any of your desired pet, make payment and go home as all of the pets found here are up to date as regards their treatments.
  10. LYCANS: Manny may have heard of the name Lycans from vampire and werewolves movies. The good thing about Lycans is the fact that you not only purchase a pet but you also have tips and knowledge fore hand on how to maintain and care for them. You are made informed of the feeding techniques as well as the necessary care needed for your pet.


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