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How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

Life has stopped being referred to as survival of the fittest, it is now survival of the wisest. Even if you have a job that pays you regularly, there are means of making money on the side. Although the internet looks like another world on its own. It is not just one you can burst into and start doing anything. It is like a seminar, you must know the places you have right to go and not to go. Below, you would find some of the ways you can make money online. There are many others and in subsequent posts, we would dish them out. For now, let us focus on these 17.

17 Ways to Make Money Online In Nigeria

  1. Develop A Software:
    this is a very great way of making money online. Developing website can make room for you in front of CEOs of companies, and would give you the contact of very great people. People make great wealth by creating apps for companies etc. Try it out. ( See also HOW TO START A BLOG AND MAKE MONEY )
  2. Start a YouTube Channel:
    In one of our recent posts, we discussed on how you can make money through YouTube Channel. Check it out.
  3. Affiliate Marketing:
    Affiliate marketing had been mentioned many times on this blog, but if this is your first time of visiting Manly, then you should know that affiliate marketing refers to continuously posting a link to any brand or company, directing people to buy their products. For every product bought, you would have a fair share of it. You don’t need a blog to do this, you can log into some popular website like Facebook, Twitter, Nairaland, Quora etc., and post this links with short educative posts.
  4. Life Coach:
    A very good number of people have taken it upon themselves to teach others on how to improve oneself. A lot of these people have flooded Facebook and other places. This simple act has made people consider them for talking engagement, and it is very hard to overlook how much they are making per talking engagement offline.
  5. Niche Websites:
    Niche website is any website that is centered around a particular theme or passion, a good example is Manly. It is all about men and how they can become better. You can also build your own website.
  6. Publish a Kindle EBook:
    Kindle EBooks have been known to make a lot of money for people who have mastered the craft of writing beautiful and educative material. You should try it out also.
  7. Create A Membership Site:
    A membership site like Nairaland has really made people have a passion to talk and discuss anything that they love for. With that, you gain more topics and viewership and can get more money from monetizing the website.
  8. Sell Website on Flippa:
    Can you create websites and blogs? Then, head over to Flippa to sell them a beautifully designed website.
  9. Sell Your Video Course Through UDEMY:
    Can you teach anything? What are you good with? Then, the best place to sell these courses is UDEMY. It is a site that encourages free education of people, and members. Yet, it still gives room for paid learning. With them, you can make another great source of income.
  10. Freelance on Fiverr:
    Fiverr is a full of wonders because the buyers are always generous to give you a very good payment to help you give them the best. After your work, if they love your job, they can give you an upvote, and this would help you to gain more buyers and even increase your payment offer.
  11. Become an Amazon Associate:
    Amazon Associate is just another affiliation that is really genuine and very popular like Alibaba. You would surely enjoy them because your commission on their products is always attractive.
  12. Sell Arts and Crafts on Etsy:
    Now, if you have any form of creativity in you about Arts and Craft, this is the time to wake it up. With Etsy, you can get the perfect offer that would make your works pay you a lot.
  13. Email marketing: Email marketing is a way gathering email addresses of a lot of people and using it to sell products for people. Some people sell these email addresses to companies and websites just to help out with the marketing of their company and products.
  14. Sell Photos: If you have a photo blog or are a photographer, there are many places online you can sell photos. The best part of it is that a lot of people pay for photographs. Outside Nigeria, there are a lot of copyright issues with just using the photographs of anyone. So, when one gets the opportunity to sell it to people that understand the value and need for it, then one had gotten a great opportunity.
  15. Book Review Sites: There are a lot of writers out there. Readers are scouting for books and they always pour out to book review websites just to ensure that they get the best material. You can charge the writers to pay before you post a review of their works.
  16. Graphics Designing: This is another work that is garnering a lot of money online. A lot of branding companies in Nigeria like Custom Mall are trying hard to recruit the best graphic designers because they know the worth of it. Some others pay a lot to customize their products etc. You can also join them in making a lot of money from these.
  17. E-commerce Store: There are a lot of people, who devote their time to making other people get the products that are far from the reach of others. Try doing any of these. You can place your E-store anywhere.

As I said earlier, there are many ways you can possibly make it out in the world of online business. One of such is coming back to Manly for more information on how to be better. A quick tip: the only way to ensure you make a lot of money is to try to be better at your work per time.

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