Beard Transplant: For When You Want to Join Beard Gang But Don’t Have Hair


Not every one of us can grow our beard naturally.  Some of us are blessed with babyface.

So what to do when you have baby face? Beard transplant to the rescue

As the term says- it really is a transplant. Hair is taken from the back of your head and planted follicle by follicle to your face. You can then have a living and growing beard.

This is all you need to know about beard transplant

  1. Cost:

$4000 to as much as $22,000 dollars.

  1. Time OperationTakes


3 to 5 hours


  1. Where Will the Hair Be Gotten?


From the back of your head or your chest but not from a different person trying to donate to you.


  1. What happens?


The transplanted hairs fall out after two weeks.Then they promptly grow back three months later. Just put your faith in science


  1. Where can you get it done?


We don’t know anywhere in  Nigeria, yet  but it is very popular in the UK- a simple goggle search will bring up  a lot of suggestions

Is a full, lustrous beard worth the trouble?

You decide.



Photo Credit: Dr Robert Jones

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